Michael Patrick Kelly at Volkshaus Zurich

Since last November Michael Patrick Kelly, short Paddy Kelly, is on tour with his latest album “ID”. It is the first of two Swiss tour concerts that he played this Friday evening in the sold-out Zurich Volkshaus. That identity is an important topic in his music, with the album title and the knowledge of his past you migth think. But you also noticed it during the concert.

The special thing for me that night was that I was officially allowed to join the photographers. The conditions were not so ideal because of the seated concert, but it was an incredibly important moment for me.

But otherwise I though it as a really great concert. During more than 2.5 hours of concerts Paddy not only rocked the stage of the Volkshaus with his five-member band, he also made a promise, closed selfie deals in between and even received a new ID. 😉

Paddy and Switzerland

Paddy Kelly is now Swiss. Well, at least according to the ID, a fan probably had made for him and he presented towards the end of the concert. Paddy likes Switzerland. He made that clear on every visit, even this evening. You believe him.  Only our little country may not always be quite as neutral and in solidarity as he was gohsing about. But this is another story 😉

Already at the first beat, the concert visitors jumped up from their seats and the audience choir immediately joined in without Paddy having to contribute much. The vibes were very good from the beginning. Nevertheless, Paddy did not miss to cheer the Swiss audience in addition. So the concert with “Flags” and the big Swiss flag, which he threw over his shoulders, already came to a first highlight.

I schänke dir mis Härz: Paddy honored promises♥

The last time, when Paddy came to Switzerland for promo tour in October (read here: Michael Patrick Kelly on the Pilatus Stage), he had a big mouth and promised to sing a Swiss German song.

He therefore went to our Swiss music export Seven and asked him for a simple song. A song that people knew immediately after 2-3 words and he would not have to do much more. He apologized beforehand that he knew only the first line. As compensation he had brought some old songs with him.

While he talked and joked, started the guitar intro, of course the whole Volkshaus had long recognized the song. Paddy sang, as he had hoped, only 2-3 words before the crowd took over loudly:

...I schänke dir mis Härz, meh han i nid, du chasch es ha, we dä wosch, es isch es guets u es git no mängi, wos würd näh, aber dir würdis gäh…

As a Swiss one would have to know the song. But I quickly realized that I had no idea about the lyrics 😉

Like the first bite in a Swiss chocolate commercial

Paddy started the promised series of old songs with a medley that starts with the one chord that is “like the first bite in a Swiss chocolate commercial.” THE chord. With this one chord everyone immediately recognized his uber-hit “An Angel”. “One More Song”, quite unusual on the guitar instead of the piano, as well as “One More Freaking Dollar” were also part of the medley.

With “No Fuss No Buzz” it got really wild and for”Ares Qui” he and the band started a Spanish party. With Paddy now on the bass, not only he was always in the foreground, he also gave his band the lead. So every single band member played extensive solos. Later in the concert also the drummer, who only recently had joined the band.

On the one hand, I sometimes felt that the one or the other part might having been kinda long, but I also had to say: Hey, where do you get to hear such solos at today’s pop concerts … ?! Rarely.

Sometimes calm and dreamy, sometimes really rocking, then suddenly funky and with just that Spanish flair. Paddy’s pop / rock songs with all the different influences, especially in the new titles, are modern. In parts the musician offers something new and unfamiliar, yet everything is original and authentic.


Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, George Michael or the recently passed Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan were just a few of the names mentioned on the screen in “Requiem”. Names of musicians who died too early. Unexpected, partly from ‘free’ will. Luckily he did not come this far at that time.

Requiem is a song about death and the attempt to deal with it. Not necessarily religious. Other songs are more influenced by faith. But Paddy never hid his faith. Without it, he would not be where he is now, he asserted that evening as well. That’s why, of course, faith is always part of his music and shows.

Some say pop music and religion do not go together. Some things may seem special, but I can accept it as part of him. And I mean, that’s exactly what he tries to communicate with his music and his performance. Acceptance, altruism, humanity: In the end, we are all human, all the same.

The beer-for-selfie-deal

After a short break it continued with “Renaged” and “Awake”. Actually, Paddy wanted to set for the next song, when he got offered beer for the whole band in exchange for a selfie via a poster. Well people, that’s how you do it;)

While the poster creater’s partner organized the beer, she told Paddy about the 25-year-old photo she had with him. The musician immediately agreed to a selfie. The crimp? The woman did not have a camera. Another fan offered herself as a photographer, but not without getting a picture for herself. Paddy was probably quite relieved when the guy brought the beer and smirking mentioned, that his services were free 😉

There was so much to laugh throughout the evening and Paddy knew a great deal to tell. Even the band members demanded that he should hurry. He once again seemed very likable and was very close to the public.

He went around the hall, clapping hands as he ran past. In “Happiness” he dived into the audience for a short photo and then stayed there for a while to sing with the audience. The security man was always there, but the atmosphere was relaxed and I had the feeling that it would have worked -different to the past -even without security people.

Sing meinen Song

In addition to most of their own songs, they also played covers of Paddy’s “Sing meinen Song” colleagues. The VOX show has contributed much to his career since broadcasting. You noticed, among other things, how fast the Volkshaus sold out. And there are no tickets left for the additional concert in May.

He grew in this program not only musically but also humanely. The first title was “Memories” by Gentleman. Mark Forster “Flüsterton” went quietly and softly into the minute of silence, peace minute as he calls it. But that was not all about the sing meinen Song colleagues. During “ID” Gentleman’s part was shown on the screen. Too bad, the two were not on tour together.

Michael Patick Kelly will be back soon

With “Shake Away” the concert came to an end soon, but the audience was going so wild, he could have continued forever. With the very emotional “Last Words” it not only became calmer, the circle seemed to close: At the end of the show Paddy was lying back on top of the stairs again.

For the encore, the band returned to the stage and played “Holy” the only song from his spiritual album “Ruah”. Only with “Hope” they said goodbye for good after the 2,5 hours concert, the audience would probably have listened a lot longer.

It was definitely an impressive concert: absolutely entertaining, varied and moving. Musically and qualitatively top. Paddy and his band always seem to be even a little bit better.

Well, there were 2-3 small things that I already wondered if that bothered me now. But on the whole they are hardly worth mentioning. I am already looking forward to Michael Patrick Kelly returning to Zurich with his band on May 5th and that I got a ticket for it.

Who is coming? I’d like to tell you, to come as it’s so great! Unfortunately, the concert is already sold out. But I’m sure, as successful as his concerts are and as much Paddy loves Switzerland, a new date will be known soon.


  1. Intro & Lazarus
  2. Golden Age
  3. A Little Faith
  4. Roundabouts
  5. Flag
  6. Ig schänke dir mis Härz (Züri West Cover)
  7. Medley: An Angel, One More Song & One More Freaking Dollar
  8. No Fuzz No Buzz
  9. Ares Qui
  10. Requiem
  11. Renegade
  12. Awake
  13. Higher Love
  14. Friends R Family
  15. Memories
  16. Flüsterton
  17. Happiness
  18. ID
  19. Shake Away
  20. Last Words
    — encore—
  21. Holy
  22. Hope

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