Milow in Solothurn

If Mondays feel like Fridays, men and woman all ages are beaming all over their faces and jumping along in time, then Milow possibly is honouring Kofmehl in Solothurn with a visit. Two days before the Belgian musician has started his “Modern Heart” European tour with his band and stopped for his 19th Swiss concert for the first time in Solothurn. It was high time to finally see Milow live.

Kelvin Jones opened the evening

Kelvin Jones opened the evening. It was now the third show of the tour and he loved talking a lot, the likable Brit explained his raspy voice laughing. The musician got a great humour, so it wasn’t just fun to listen to his songs, but also to his stories. Three years ago Kelvin Jones had put his song “Call You Home” online. After a friend had shared it, the song suddenly went viral and was even shown on “Good Morning America”. Of course some things in his life changed a lot with it.

With wonderful own songs, but also a cover by The Weeknd, he brought the Solothurn audience in the mood for the evening with Milow. Certainly “Call You Home” couldn’t be missed, with which he ended his short performance. He’s planning his own headliner tour through Europe by the way, that is meant to include a show in Bern as well. As soon as the dates are known, I’ll let you know.

Milow immediately enthused

Milow, the superstar with the many earworms and hits. That was always my idea, when one of his songs was on the radio. I expected a rather big run and a barrier in front of the stage. Milow indeed played in a full Kofmehl, the location was filling slowly and unhurried with one visitor after the other though. The atmosphere during the concert was as pleasantly relaxed and stress free then. There was no barrier. After Kelvin’s performance we didn’t have to wait for Milow too long anymore either. With the live stream, he did on Instagram shortly before the concert, we did pass the waiting time. Have you seen it as well?

With “Just Smile” he and the band started the concert. Immediately they put a smile on the faces of some visitors. The vibes did rise with “Summer Days” and reached with “No No No” a first peak. Even before the first half hour of the show had past, the enthusiasm for the musician and his band totally got me. The cheerful manner and good mood of them was infecting. You got the impression that they had as much fun.

The melodic singing, the great verses and beautiful guitar lines seemed jaunty and balanced. Even some songs sounded quite heavy on synthesizers and electronics, it was not too much. Milow charmed with his beautiful ballades and let people dance along to great uptempo songs. Besides he and the band proofed a lot of humour and were close to the audience.

With “Little in the Middle” Milow was dashing over to the small balcony sidewards and reached over the railing to high five his fans. Back on stage, when he was short of breath, he simply kept talking nonstop for the moment. Thereby he told all kind of stories and experiences until his pulse normalized. He also told about the boat trip they did in Solothurn in the afternoon. In the nicest weather they were floating on the water and playing music.

They put this in a video postcard. Have a look here:

In-between it also became a lot quieter, when Milow was signing all alone to his guitar or performed in a trio the beautiful ballades “Way Up High” and “Don’t Turn Around”. Of course “Ayo Technology” couldn’t be missed, for which the audience became wild, and at last everyone was into it. During “Tourist” they played some Caribbean sounds with the catchy soul-pop. Only at the beginning of April Milow had performed for the very first time in the Caribbean. It was difficult to play there, he was joking and admitted quickly that in truth it was awesome.

With “You Don’t Know” Milow was gushing extensively about Shakira and how he has met her some years ago at Energy Stars For Free in Zurich. Very likable how the hit maker also suddenly went week at the knees. He was laughing that he just keeps telling such stories in-between sometimes, so he could concentrate on playing professional concerts again afterwards. But just then they already came  to the end of the show with the actual single “Howling At The Moon”. However, Milow said that it was all up to the audience, whether the show really ended there. So the audience of course loudly cheering asked for more.

The career won’t end that soon for sure

Milow returned for an extensive encore, which he started with “I was a famous singer”. He wrote the song preventatively in case his career will come to an end someday. With the self-deprecating, funny lyrics he almost made us laughing tears. Whilst “You used to be, you used to be, you used to be so cool” was sounding towards him in chorus, giggling was everywhere. After about half of the song guitarist Tom joined in and proofed again, what a great singer he is.

Milow then was runing, along to an audience countdown, through the backstage up to the stairs in the back, where they all together, incl. Kelvin, continued playing. Only accompanied by two acoustic guitars, in the middle of the audience, we got more encores. Back on stage they ended the show like it had started: cheerful and wildly with “Summer Days”. In the end they left the stage dancing and even days after the earworms were still to echo in the ear canals. I am convinced with great concerts like this one and the super encores, the career of the Belgian will continue for a while 😉

Only few minutes after the end of the concert, Milow was already standing at the merchandise stand for autograph and photo requests. Even he had to hurry, he seemed calm and took a lot of time for his fans.

Who missed the three concerts or can’t get enough: On Wednesday, 17th may 2017 Milow will be back in Switzerland with support of Kelvin Jones . They’ll play at Casino Herisau. It’s worth to go! Tickets you can get at Ticketcorner.

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