Museum Night 2015

with OhYeah! exhibition and Rival Kings concert

Originally I wanted to go to Andermatt Live already on this evening, but to safe some days off, I decided to go to the Museumsnacht (Museum night) in Bern as Rival Kings anounced a concert there. After last years Museumnacht with Pablopolar concert it was clear to me, that this will certainly be rather special again. But one can’t see Rival Kings enough often and with a friend’s company it would become a fun evening. We also could go and see the “Oh yeah! Popmusic in Switzerland” exhibition.

Well, the newest part of the exhibition, the one from 2000 on, was missing as the room was used for the concerts. Well, so we just went to see the rest of it. It wasn’t that easy because of course there were so many people around for the Museumsnacht. During the Museumsnacht several instituions open their doors between 6pm to 2am (for being called Museums night, I think 2am is rather early) and offer different and exclusive insights behind the scenes. Concerts, lectures and guided tours take place. You pay one admission with which you can see as much you want and as much you can fit in during this time. We stayed at the Museum for communication. The “Oh yeah!” exhibition included a lot of audio and video material about the history of music, esp. the development in Switzerland. You also had to read a lot. There were mainly different recordings, old tickets and advertisement posters as well as setlists and speical clothes and instruments displayed to look at. It’s what I liked best, about the rest I was only half excited. Somehow I expected a bit more from this exhibition. But we might go back another day, when there are less people and the missing part will be shown as well. The whole exhibiton got expended to August now. I liked the actual communication exhibition of the museum better. With all the old writing possibilities, mailboxes and phones from the past. The whole development history of communication. This was super interesting!

Yes, and the concert: Different to Pabloplar the year before, Rival Kings played two short sets. None got to understand why it was like that? It was somehow silly. The light was of course a bit weird again and this room is sound technically of course not made for concerts 😉 But never mind, this concert was the icing on the cake on this evening. Besides I could get my companion into Rival Kings completley now. The Luzern band could easily convince her with this short set and songs like “Walls”, “Citizens” and “Echos”. She unfortunately couldn’t stay for both sets, but I of course stayed til the end.

So all in all it was a really great evening and depending on who’s going to play in 2016, I might think about going again.

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