newmusicfriday #4: TOP 5 – 18.01.2019


It’s #newmusicfriday and unlike yesterday the headphones came with me today 😉 Today there was a lot to hear again and despite the fact that I heard a lot of songs and albums, it was not easy to choose five favourites. But these are my TOP 5 today, which I stumbled across during the day.

#1: Tragic by Skye

Yesterday watching the new Pro7 show “My Hit. Your Song” I discovered these Austrian newcomers for myself: Skye. I liked their new interpretations of Jason Derulo’s songs. But not only these. Today I especially like their newly released debut single “Tragic”. Thrilling, groovy, haunting and one that can be heard incredibly well in endless repeat!

more about Skye can be found on Facebook

#2: You & Me by James TM

James Taylor-Watts, better known as James TM, a young British singer/sognwriter, has released a wonderful pop song called “You & Me”.

more info about James TW can be foudn on

#3 Shine A Light by Bryan Adams

I think that there can’t be enough songs like “Shine A Light”, the new single and title song of the upcoming album (release: 01.03.2019). Songs that make you happy, encourage you to follow your dreams and not give up. By the way, nobody else but Ed Sheeran co-wrote this song.

more info about Bryan Adams can be found onn

#4 7 Minutes by Dean Lewis

The song is called “7 minutes”, but Dean Lewis writes on his Facebook page that he worked on it for a whole year. 😉 The song probably fits to my mood today and fits well between the three previous songs, which are not always so positive, but whose melodies are just somehow pleasant. Also the debut album of the Australian singer/songwriter shouldn’t wait too long.

Infos about Dean Lewis are found on

#5 … can’t decide for a no 5… sorry


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