Nick Howard in Zurich

The girls from Germany were all stunned that about 1,5 hours before doors opened not more people were queuing yet. When I arrived at Komplex in Zurich, the three of them were sitting there on their own waiting for admission to the Nick Howard concert at the club on this evening. Yes, I made the experience that everywhere smaller than Hallenstadion people generally start queuing about 1 hours before doors open. Sure, the expectation proves the rule. But even at Hallenstadion I’ve once been standing about half an hour before doors opened only with two others. Additionally Nick Howard isn’t that known here in Switzerland. To get into front row was easy then.

Nick Howard is a British singer/songwriter and who’s been watching The Voice Of Germany knows, he became The Voice in 2012, won the show in the team of Rea Garvey gewonnen. Of course years before he had already released his first album and went his way. He’s been supporting act of Sunrise Avenue at Hallenstadion before and performed also in Zurich on tour with Boyce Avenue. Winning at Mainland Music I took the chance to also finally see his concert, that was postponed from spring to autumn by the way.

Tyrone Wells opened the evening. He’s a singer/songwriter from USA in the gendre of pop/rock/soul and went down well with the audience. I quite liked him. He’s making music for years and already has released several albums. And so he warmed up the concert visitors for Nick Howard with songs like  „Happy As The Sun“ [Video here], „Running Around In My Dreams“ or „Sink Or Swim“.

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Nick Howard is a sunny boy. When he smiles, then his eyes are shining. He got a very calm, positive and likable charisma. With his wonderful melodies, touching lyrics and soft voice he’s charming the predominant female audience. The British accent, when he’s speaking German, sure helps too 😉 But with his musically varied programme he can enthuse everyone with his band. It was a bit difficult with the sound in front row. The stage at Komplex Klub isn’t quite big, the drums often just too loud. Often you had to well listen to understand the singing. With Tyrone Wells, who accompanied himself only by guitare, it was of course no problem.

The atmosphere was great in the small location. First it was a bit a difficult start for Nick. Within few songs all the guitare strings broke. Luckily he had some titles he could play with the ukulele and then Tyrone Well’s guitare was his last rescue. More strings couln’t have broken 😉 The fans sang along word by word of his songs – “Superhero” [Vieo here], “Unbreakable” [Video here] or “Falling For You”. Are these songs once stuck in your mind, you barely get rid of them. For “Super Love” the audience formed hearts with their hands and swaying red balloons. He played wonderful ballades mixed with great uptempo songs as well as a medley of various cover songs. That he wasn’t afraid of the closeness to the audience, he proved by getting down into the crowd all alone with his guitare, to play and sing for his fans accoustically. “Life is great” everyone present thought so too. Way too soon the encore with the last three songs followed.

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It was a super nice concert evening. Many people think, after “The Voice Of Germany” the musicians are done anway, you wouldn’t hear anything of them anymore. But Nick Howard defintively also goes his way

After the concert he’s been writing autographs and fullfilling photo wishes. You really should visit the likable Brit at one of his concerts once.


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