Nils Burri in Thun

The weekend has been again very busy with the concert of Kunz and the concert train, and because the weather wasn’t very great til the early evening, Sunday became a pjs day. Such a lazy day is always nice again, but in the end I felt like going out after all. So it suited perfectly that the Atelier Classic Bar in Thun celebrated their half year anniversary and I got to see a concert of Nils Burri with this event. It brought me outside so.

Just when I arrived at the bar, some guys were opening a champagne bottle in front of the door. In white shirts, dark trousers with a pair of braces and hat. Somehow made the impression of a very different era and in the first moment I was quite amazed about it. I had no idea what kind of bar it was. I never heard of it before, not to mention seen anything of it. So I don’t know if they did wear these outfits just for their anniversary or all the time. However, it looked good. So, the Atelier Classic Bar is rather small, but still bigger than it seems in the first moment. If oyu get down the stairs, you directly stand in front of the counter. Above it there’s a gallery with a seating corner and apparently there’s a room in the back with pool table. They are specialist on cocktails. Over the whole counter there were loads of glasses, special ingredient and decorations. Just anything you’d need for the drinks. The cellar room was lighted up in warm light with small candles all over the room. As said, everything’s small, the bar on this evening not too full, but very nice and there was a super cosy atmosphere.

On the small stage of the bar Nils Burri had installed himself for his concert. Two aquaintances of me were also there to listen to Nils. The singer/songwriter from Steffisburg played on this evening solo two sets with a short break inbetween. The setlist was mixed of old and new songs as well as some covers: Next to many others there were “Heroes”, “Maybe Someday”, “Breath it in”, “Danny” from the newest EP or “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon, during which the audience even sang along. The pedal was making troubles again, like during the last concert at Compass Bar, and the plug kept falling off. With a wink there was always someone coming for the rescue.

It was a super nice and cozily Sunday evening, perfect to end the weekend.

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