Norah Jones at Kaufleuten Zurich

Yes, that happens when you go to concerts that you have no idea how they will sound. I had won tickets for Norah Jones’ 20min showcase and even though it’s always very exciting to listen to new musicians. I didn’t really like this concert in the end.

Suddendly VIP?

Arrived in Zurich, I thought only “F***!”, because a mega thunderstorm was just going on. It was hailing like crazy. Obviously the roof of the station let through? Excuse me, but who constructed this? I met with a friend and her mother, who accompanied me to the showcase. Fortunately the thunderstorm disappeared as fast as it had come and we reached the concert venue more or less dry.

Great memories come back at the Kaufleuten. The last time I was here I had experienced one of the most emotional concerts – by Ed Sheeran. But this time it wasn’t Ed, it was New York songwriter Norah Jones.

My companions went ahead to have their ticket code checked. I also put my mobile down for it, when the woman behind the counter surprisingly said to me: “Oh, VIP?”. I looked at her a little shocked. What had I missed? But no, it was just a normal code and she had looked wrongly. Normally people wouldn’t react so shocked, she wondered. But sure, if you think you have a normal code and suddenly get upgraded to VIP? Haha.

My companion’s mom sat at the bar. The two of us, on the other hand, were looking for a spot a little closer to the stage, when Joiz presenter Mike entered the stage at 8:15 p.m. to announce Norah Jones. They showed a live stream and he talked far too long until Norah finally entered the stage in her grass green lace dress and a black short-sleeved bolero. She seemed incredibly petite.

Petite woman with a huge voice

Norah Jones started her first song on keys. What a voice! It was also very impressive how many instruments she had on stage and changed constantly. But honestly, after the first couple of songs, the excitement was gone and I started to get a little bored. Most of the spectators were standing there petrified. I mean, okay it was almost just ballads and only 2-3 songs more uptempo. But most of them didn’t seem to go with the music at all.

The attention was quickly gone

Not long after Showcase start the mother of my companion sent her an SMS: “77 Bombay Street have just arrived”. There the interest in Norah Jones was much smaller and the attention for the show was gone. Well, it was hot in the room and the showcase wasn’t very exciting, because many songs just sounded the same. Norah tried to brighten the mood with jokes, but it didn’t really work out. But she didn’t communicate very much with the audience in-between either. I liked the last few songs the best. Among them her hit “Come away with me”. But we were happy when the showcase ended after about 1 hour.

My conclusion on the evening

Norah Jones seems a sincere woman. She has a fantastic voice and I’m not saying that she or her songs are not good. I liked the one or the other. But all in all it was just a bit too boring for me. I would rather not go to see her anymore. Sorry, Norah.


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