Open Season present female reggae voices

When Open Season hatch an idea, you can expect it to be good. Their newest project is definitely better than good, it’s really great. “Open Season presents female reggae voices” led the band and five singers with five shows within four days through Switzerland. Tonight they celebrated the finale of their mini-tour at the festival “Am Schluss” in Thun.

Concert withdrawl

It’s been quiet around Open Season for a while now. Because of a longer stay abroad of some members and the work on new song material, there’s already the second year without concerts. – Ok, unless YB become champion, then of course they would have to play one. ­čśë – The band members started to miss the live performances and so the idea for the project “Female Reggae Voices” developed. The best way to read, where the project came from, is to read the interview on HERE.

As often you read that there are not enough good female singers in Switzerland. I can’t agree at all. Well, most are not as well known as Anna Rossinelli, Sandee or the male musician colleagues Bligg and G├Âl├Ą. But so many great female voices are represented in the Swiss music market: Ana Scent, Klain Karoo frontwoman Carla, Zibbz singer Coco, Veronica Fusaro or Forma frontwoman Priscilla. These just to name a few. You just have to take a closer look and listen. I can now even name you some out of the reggae niche ­čśë

Restrained start with Naïma

Open Season started with an intro from their own songs “Step by Step”, “You Look Good” and “Arise”, but quickly made it clear that they will not be in the spotlight this evening. Open Season served as a backing band for the female singers who are the focus of this project. But yes, it didn’t work without any Open Season at all ┬á­čśë

The young Swiss reggae singer Na├»ma was the first to present herself and start with her “Love Of Life”. The song even made it into the top 20 reggae songs in the SRF3 reggae special. She describes her style as roots reggae with afro blues influences. With the other songs “Daddy”, “Violence” and “Sleepin’ Lion” her appearance was a bit more restrained, but her voice no less impressive. It promised to be a nice, relaxed Sunday evening.

A lot of soul and warmth from Biel

┬áMore vigorously, however, it became with the sisters Irina and Caroline Mossi. The singers from Biel with Congolese roots discovered the love of music early. The first song in their short set, “Love Detective”, is one of the “Best CH Reggae Songs”, as is Na├»ma’s “Love of Life”. With a lot of soul and warmth in their voices, they also presented “Rising”, “Come with me” and “Hide away”.

Power from the Netherlands

After a short 15min break, the whole atmosphere changed, became more upbeat and even more lively. Open Season frontman Santosh announced the singer Samora from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Somehow I already had a feeling that in the second set probably a whole other energy would come to us. My feeling was confirmed immediately.

Samora entered the stage in a purple skirt, black top and high boots. She was wearing a hat and sunglasses. In the first song, her current single “Blazin ‘up the faya”, she was already in good spirits and full of energy. With the support of the Open Season band and a backing vocalist, she knew exactly how she could thrill the audience at the M├╝hliplatz.

Samora’s songs are a mix of reggae, modern soul, funk and pop. She is also experimental and does not shy away from trying out new sounds. “Open your Door”, “Momma Said”, “Rise Up” and “Over and over” were among many other great, catchy songs part of her set. Sometimes she was supported by the complete band incl. horn section. Then she sang without the horns or even reduced only accompanied by guitarist Res.

In the end, Open Season frontman Santosh joined and they finished with the Open Season Songs, a ska medley and “Ride my bike”. Also the previous singers Na├»ma, Irina and Caroline joined. And the audience didn’t let them go just like that. Everyone would have liked to listen longer.

Last chance

If you missed the short “Open Season present female reggae voices” tour, you do not have to despair: There will be one last chance to see the concert on 6 September 2018. In Biel there will be another gig at Chessu-Coupole.


You can find information about the band and singers here:

The festival will last until July 29, 2018.



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