Pablopolar & The Drops in St. Gallen

“hey sarah!! why the heck are you coming this far?” i was asked, when I announced that I’ll take part at the concert of Pablopolar in St. Gallen. Well, everyone else is probably not even asking anymore.

Yeah yeah, St. Gallen isn’t just directly around the corner: about 230 km, 3 hours train journey. Why I travel to the other end of Switzerland for a band? Because I can. Because I like travelling and I like the band a lot. And in case of Pablopolar it takes way too long to the next concert for not driving to St. Gallen. The journey is also half the reward, or something like that. I like taking the train. I mean, sitting in the train, music on the ears, watching the landscape and people. Admiring the beautiful sunset and listening to my seat mate gushing about this sunset on the phone. You get to know other places and cities, possibly new people to carry on good conversations and spending a great evening. Just like in St. Gallen. And hey, would it have been possible, I would have gone to Poland last autumn…


Checked in at Hotel Elite, that is less than a 5mins walk from Grabenhalle away, I waited til after doors opening. I tried to avoid being the first one (and eventually the only one). I honestly didn’t expect too many people. During none of the 3-4 concerts I’ve seen at Grabenhalle, it was very crowded. Ok, maybe back then at Pegasus’. But as expected it wasn’t too crowded on this evening. Although Grabenhalle is really a great location. Super bands keep playing there. Locals told me though, that it is kind of the hipster location of St. Gallen… strange reason, I know. You really get more out of playing entrance fee there than at any electroclub… Besides, an ice tea only cost CHF 3. I can’t remember any other concert location that seels this low priced drinks.

Marius was support act of the support act, or similar. Pabloplar & The Drops played a double concert on that evening, so there were actualyl two main acts. Both played each about a 1-hour show. And ahead Marius played a short support set for about 30mins. Marius, a young street musician from Appenzell, was currently serving the army, but afterwards wanted to dedicate himself to street music again. At the moment his big goal is to stay in the top 8 of Waldbühne-Voting. One may vote for him. The 21years old proofed in his set of cover and own songs, that he got a really good voice with a high recognition value. His own title I liked better than the covers. He seemed quite nervous, the experience is missing. Who likes singer/songwriter and rather quite music, may like him. I’ve read he wants to produce an album in 2016 with Hitmill. We’ll see how this turns out…

“Everyone get a step closer!” – Great feeling if the front guy asks for, you “obey”, move closer to the stage and realise, that you probably just were the only one moving… umm, not! Gee, people…?! A real Swiss illness as a friend of me calls it. The Drops are on tour with their new album “Adios” and on this evening I really liked their concert. Whatever was different in St. Gallen compared to few months ago in Basel at their album release. The Drops do have really good pop/rock songs, with several earworms among them. Cool solos and open ends in their songs. So yes, they pretty much rocked on this evening. Clear favourites were “Eleanor”, that I like since the beginning, “Home” is beautiful and the first single of the new album, “Kuo Samui”, is really fun. Later one is bringing sommer feelings into the concert location, esp. with the palm trees on stage.

Was the audience still quite reserved with The Drops, the atmosphere almost immediately changed when Pablopolar entered stage. They played the usual toursetlist with “Colorize”, “A Thousand Years”, “Everything ins inbetween”, “Ambulance”, “Peter Pan” [Video here], “Guiding Light” or “Monterey Bay”.Very energetic as I knew it from earleir shows. The audience just moved on their own closer to the stage and in the end pretty much everyone was dancing in this room, some even wildly. For a moment rather surprised about the atmosphere change, it was great to see this turn. Generally the audience always lets them sweep away well by the band, but you never really know. Different places, different audience. Yes, so you are standing there in front of the stage just super pleased to be there.

As an encore, we didn’t only get more songs but also a tulip for the audience. It was caught by a young woman by the way, that simply came by with a friend, without knowing what they had to expect. You should do that more often too 😉 And as a very last one they played “Long Distance Call” after all. As a very last one on the setlist, I always fear they might skip it. This song is so beautiful.

It was a great concert ,a great evening, and none should clame it wasn’t worth the journey. I am already looking forward to March when Pablopolar and The Drops will play another double concert in Baden. There’s the rub: It still takes AGES!

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