Pegasus im Bierhübeli Bern

Friday 11 April 2014 – pilgrimage site Bierhubeli. Yes, would I have had to list anyone else appearing at the Pegasus concert, it would have become difficult. Everyone was probably there. All the hardcore Pegasus fans and people, who you would expect to be in Bern. That’s super fun this way.

For the first time in my life I was standing on the balcony of Bierhubeli. First I was sceptical. I admit, I am not used to this at all. Usually I am always in the very front, close at it. After all I want to see something, the atmosphere is better, people in the front rows go along. The ones in the back are often chatting unnecessarily, not really interested in the concert, are standing there like rooted. But one could test it. Sight was well so far. Directly underneath the mixing table was standing and you always got told, that the sound near the mixing table is best. So far so good.

Love & Gunfire-tour. My 36th Pegasus concert. The heart was standing in the background like I knew it from Biel. The show finally started at 8.30 pm – without any supporting act ahead. Well, I got to know Bastian Baker in the preprogramme of pegasus, I’ve seen Luca Little as well. I took it, that they would have any good support act. But without was sure fine for me. After I’ve heard the new songs already one month ago in Biel, I was told that the setlist had changed a bit and you could read already on Facebook, that Ana Scent was going to be a part of the show, I expected many good things. The spot on the balcony was genious! I liked the show even a lot more than in Biel. In Bern I liked the setlist better. Somehow in Bile everything was way to similar to the previous tour. Not that this was bad. I like to listen to it. But something else for once is nice. And in Bern the setlist was somehow put together better. The new songs sound (at least most of them) live just great. Higher, Lay Low, Symptoms etc. You definitively can’t claim this about all of them on the album. Esp. I hardly can get over “Last Nith On Earth” – live it’s one of my favourite songs, on the CD I keep skipping it… 🙁 How it could end like this on CD, I don’t understand. But well, here they sounded great.


1. Intro
2. Higher
3. Rise Up
4. Raise A Hand
5. Drumsolo
6. Who Cares For One
7. Lay Low
8. Other Side
9. Man On Mars
10. Free
11. Miss You Baby
12. Symptoms
13. Easy
14. Skyline
15. I Take It All
16. Digital Kids
17. Light It Up
18. Drum Battle
19. Technology
20. Last Night On Earth

Well, generally one would wish some other songs inbetween. “Heroes & Champions” again for once, “Listen to the Music”, “Be Mine”, “City Lights” etc. “Touch The Ground” or “The Great Unknown” should be on it, because Gabriel’s singing. But well: During “Free” Ana Sent took part in the back ground and Noah then sang “Miss You Baby” in a new, accoustic version together with her in a duo. Fantastic! I immediately thought that the two of them should record a duo together. Though maybe with the whole Pegasus group involved. That would be fab!

“Sit down and take it easy. Don’t get stressed by your life…” it was sounding from the balcony over the whole audience. So Noah mentioned, that htey maybe should change the show, if single fans already start themselves and know, what was following. I sure loved it! Of course the two of them got all the attention for a moment. If they wanted or not. Sure, in the first moment it seems embarrassing – but actually it only shows, that some people or totally in it and not only since yesterday.

Yes, and then I thought “Light it up” was probably one of the nicest songs of the evening. Gabriel and Noah on accoustic guitares, Simon on mandolin, Stefan on the kettledrum… genious! And the drum battle, that followed between Stefan on the drums and Gabriel on the kettledrum, was also very cool. Actually the whole concert was over way too quickly. Would there have been another show, I would have gone to see it immediately. Someone who’s seen all four shows said, the one in Bern was the best. I was lucky then 😉

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