Pegasus at Photobastei Zurich

Werbung @ 20min
Werbung @ 20min

So in the morning, I didn’t know yet at all, that I’d go to see Pegasus in Zurich. At Photobastei was the exhibition for the “Love & Gunfire” photo competion and the winner got chosen. With it came a small concert. Yes and somehow I had in mind, that it happened on Thursday. But then I read on Facebook about it again. I was fighting rationality. The concert only started at 10 pm, then I’d be at home by 1 am. Not enough sleep, and I should do many other things at home… Rationality lost and after work I went off to Zurich.

I met a friend at the station and we walked down Bärengasse. Somehow we were supsecting that as the concert started only after 9.30 pm and it was in the middle of the week, that there won’t be too many people. And we were right. Some of the “usual suspected ones” were there. The exhebition was rather tiny. We should have taken part in… 😉 Until the concert started, we had some carrots cake and coffee then.

Pegasus Facebook-Post
Pegasus Facebook-Post

The show started. The guys of Pegasus not in their suits for once – that was very likable. And with maybe, well, 30 spectactors (?) rather small and intimate. Living room atomsophere. Super!

1. Man On Mars
2. Rise Up
3. Technology
4. I Take It All
5. Digital Kids

It was so nice! Even with the introducing round, that Noah suddendly started within the audience… 😉 But let’s see it as well as official permission for “uploading videos on youtube”. But after 20min, it was just 10 pm, they announced already, that the concert actually was about to finish already. But they liked it so much, that they simply continued. Requests? It turned literally into a requesting concert.

6. Last Night On Earth
7. Skyline
8. Symptoms
9. Other Side …

…were requested by me and the rest of the audience. They practiced all four albums the day before, but they couldn’t play the old song anymore, they said grining and were more or less serious about it. Ah well, so mainly songs from “Human.Technology” and the actual album “Love & Gunfire”. And well, unfortunately I already had to leave then, even though “Miss You Baby” and “Easy” still followed after. And “miss You Bay” they played even in a duo, I was told and showed. If I would have known, that my trip home would turn out so wrong, I would have stayed to the end. I was off to the train station, in a hurry already. Was sitting in the wrong train then and Bern was my end station. Luckily I could stay at a friend’s that night. But still couldn’t sleep then.

So it ended in a small adventure somehow. But what do you do not do for a  nice concert and what do you do not tdo for Pegasus.  And again and again.

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