Pegasus at Stadttheater Biel

Act: Pegasus
Date: 13.03.2014
Event: Love & Gunfire-Tour
Place: Stadttheater Biel
Time:8.30 pm
Doors:8 pm

I was hurring so much. It was said the concert started at 7.30 pm. Tourstart of Pegasus’ “Love & Gunfire-Tour – so I didn’t want to miss a tune. But when I arrived there it was said that at short notice the show only started at 8.30 pm. If I would have known that earlier.

Well, anyway. At 8 pm we were allowed to go and take our seats and I hardly could trust my eyes. We were really at the right place? This was the town theater? This small room? Even though it had 3 tiers, it was still small. We imagined it not exactly like the KKL, but kind of into this direction. I was definitively excited! The first concert with the new songs and it felt like a livingroom concert. With the lawn chairs there was some cinema feeling, and this close to the stage, even though I sat ‘only’ in row six. But this row seemed perfect. Not too close, not too far away, the right hight. Perfect sight.

The five entered stage with the intro and started with “Man on Mars”. And it was itching my legs from the first tune – “hopefully people won’t keep sitting!”. They continued with “Holding on to you” and the first laughters followed – shortly before the end of the songs Noah interupted and asked “is there someone sitting in the audience with sunglasses on?”. Indeed. And finally Noah asked the audience to get up. As first rockband in the town theater one had to give everything and rock this place. So the party got started. “Raise a hand” and who cares for one” followed, and then the first new songs. “Higher”, “I take it all”, “Lay Low” and “Symptoms” – and absolutely genious. In the morning I had listened to the interview on Canal 3 and was a pegasusbit worried about them talking of all the electronical music. But – great melodies, fab lyrics – live it sounded genious. “…nobody said life was easy”, but with concerts like these Pegasus are making it easier for sure. Noah introduced the band as usually and wanted to add some anecdotes for each one, but somehow he had forgotten it already after the second one.

When ‘Digital Kids’ followed then, I wasn’t too excited, but ‘Digital Kids’ sounds live so much better – when Noah’s voice is just Noah’s voice and not so extremdly distorted. Generally the people like it though and it’s for partying as well as a total earworm. Well-known and loved “Rise up” and “Technology” followed. First the room transformed in a huge choir and then it went off properly again – everyone started jumping, before Pegasus already said their goodbyes again. But of course not without encore. To end it there was another new song again “Last night on earth”, then “Skyline” and with “Surfer Girl” in accappella they said goodbye for good. But you could meet them for autographs after.

Great concert and live the new songs are fantastic. One could work on the setlist (we want to hear Gabriel and Simon sing e.g. “Elle” and “Touch the gorund” or “The great unknown”). But it’s definitively great to see them live back on stage again.

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