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13.02.2015 – I was so curious on the 2nd tour final concert of Pegasus. If they could top the previous day in Zurich? It just wasn’t exactly the same, but an evening full of emotion and pretty close to the first one.

I met friends in front of the location and got rid of an other friends ticket as she couldn’t come. As in the evening before I didn’t get into front row. First we were thinking about going on the balcony again, like we did during spring tour, but decided to stay downstairs then. While the room was filling slowely, we discovered among the audience some known faces from Mühle Hunziken last november. The Bierhübeli concert was sold out for quite a while already. Of course I’ve praised the concerts from the previous night to friends already and many have seen on Social Media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that next to Ana Scent, Bastian Baker and Stress have been at Kaufleuten too. I hoped that they maybe would be part of the show in Bern as well, tried to prepare myself for the case they weren’t. This failed.

Damian Lynn  was after all support act again as he was on the previous night and he also knew how to entertain the audience in Bern. It unfortunately wasn’t as quite here as it was at Kaufleuten.

Damian Lynn at Bierhübeli BernDamian Lynn at Bierhübeli BernThe concert of Pegasus as usual with the Intro followed by “Digital Kids” [Video here]. “Higher”, “Rise Up” and “Raise A Hand” followed next to others. Then “Elle” [Video here] was played a lot earlier and it was clear: Bastian Baker and Stress defintively won’t be part of it again. And yes, i was disappointed. I really felt from one to the other second how the disappointment hit. I love Pegasus’ “Elle” version, but would have loved to have the same combination as the night before. Besides I felt also quite guilty though, that I just wasn’t satisfied with a “normal” Pegasus concert in this moment. Do you know, what I mean? Pure emotional chaos. But hey, my mood raised quickly again. Cos Ana Scent was in Bern as well and so we got “Miss You Baby” as a duo again. And well, there was so much to laugh again during the whole evening.

Generally the atmosphere during the concert was super [ok, I rarley experienced a bad atmosphere at Bierhübeli?!]. But from about the second half of the concert it was definitvely even better. ON as well as IN FRONT of the stage. “Last Night On Earth” got started and suddendly there were “die happy” signs all over the audience. Pegasus ask in the song written by Gabriel – “What would you do, if this was your last night on earth?”. And the audience replied with “die happy”. I was already surprised about it, imagine the five guys on stage. Pegasus were rather speechless or Gabriel seemed not to find enough strong words for it. Such a incredible beautiful surprise. They actually reminded me of the fan surprise for Bastian Baker in Paris, when back then the audience held up “class intégrale” signs. There are some organisation talents. Inbetween Noah used the chance to visit the audience on the balcony. And the band got huge teddybears and drawings. This way the show got even more power.

“We are not done yet for long”, Noah said with “Light It Up” [Video here] coming up. He sat down then at the piano, to play the Lo & Leduc cover “jung verdammt”, like in his published video on facebook. Addmitidly, I am no big fan of this cover (this song should get covered at all LOL), but wow, suddendly everyone sang along [watch the video here]. Impressed I immediately though: “I’d say, Lo & Leduc made it. The Pegasus audience just sings along to their song.”

During “Surfergirl” Pegasus not only proofed that they are great acappella singer [even the drummer is singing ;)], but once again that if the singing career wouldn’t work out any longer, they could think about a comedy programme 😉 With “Rock’n’Roll Music”, where Simon took over the lead vocals, everyone was rocking along and with the Elvis classic “That’s Alright” [Video here] it was more country/folk influenced. People wanted even more and Pegasus seemed to see no reason to stop. The concert turned literally into a requesting concert and so my personal highlight followed: Gabriel’s “Touch The Ground” . I haven’t heard this for way too long. The last songs of the encore showed, that Gabriel and Simon really should take over lead parts more often (again), don’t you think? I love it. And the audience kept asking for more. Noah though didn’t want to continue singing without any Riccola and so you could count: 3… 2… 1… and there the singer was all surprised when he already was holding a Riccola drop in his hands. I was more surprised, that not more came flying. So a short part of “City Lights” was played. But first he seemed not exactly to remember the lyrics and second it was difficult to sing with a Riccola in the mouth. So it was time after all to definitively say goodbye.

What can you say. In the end the disappointment of the missing Mr Baker and Stress was still a little there, but minimal. With all the trimmings the 2nd final concert was very close to the previous evening. But I was glad to be part of both shows – the combination made it a really great final.

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