Gotthard at Race For Life 2017

Gotthard Race for Life 2017

On Sunday the annual Race For Life took place again, a charity in aid of cancer research. With a charity bicycle marathon in and around Bern, money was raised. Therefor everyone could take part who wanted. Additionally there was a solidarity celebration with concerts as well as a children and family programme on Bundesplatz. You couldn’t just get informed at the information stands but also getting check-ups.

Originally I only wanted to go there to see Baum and especially Adamo (finally) live. But I stayed into the evening then. The surprise act turned out to be Gotthard, one of the most successful rock bands in Switzerland. This chance I didn’t want to miss. Besides, the weather was great, I met several friends and acquaintances, so it became a great day. By the way, all the bands played without paiment that day.

In the early afternoon there weren’t too many visitors yet. So it wasn’t too easy to put everyone in good humour, but the ones being there obviously liked to listen. So the first act was Basel musician Baum aka Christoph Baumgartner. I already noticed in Locarno that his music was somehow a lot more rock, with more electrical guitars. This was confirmed by a friend of him as well as himself. His upcoming album “Kingdom Of The Upright Man”, which will be released on 15 September, will be different to the previous ones. So he was super nervous these days concerning the release and is hoping, everyone will like it. However, what I’ve heard so far sounded very good.

Adamo was next. The longtime Trauffer fans will know him as he was accordion player in the Trauffer band for years. Yes, he’s missed in the band. I wasn’t too sure though, if I’d like his concert or well, his music. With his dialect rock that includes some folksy elements like with Trauffer, he’s entertaining the audience as good as he did with Trauffer. A few ballades were in-between too. Together with Regula, the ex-background singer of George, he even spontaneously covered the song “Hie bini daheim”.  So yes, I liked it a lot. Adamo is already working on his next album, that might be released in spring.

Zurich rock band Underskin followed. Singer Andrina Travers might be known to some of you: At the age of 13 she got her first record contract and was later on tour as a support of DJ Bobo. Back then she was more into the pop genre. Last year she made it into the top 10 of The Voice of Germany in Team Samu. Well, obviously I haven’t beem watching  the show closely enough and can’t remember her being at The Voice. Oops.

However, her style hearably changed in the meantime and her performance with Underskin was really cool. Their new single “Use Me” was only released the day before. Andrina affected by cancer herself, was lucky not having to undergo a chemo therapy, she told after her performance.

Short performances of Basel musician Roli Frei as well as Hanery Amman followed. The place was well crowded by then. Both don’t belong to my favourites, but they created a good atmosphere. Many obviously came especially for Hanery Amman. He also played some Rumpelstilz hits as “Teddybär” or also “Uf däm länge Wäg”, I’ve recently heard being covered by Span at Seaside Festival. I believe, I mainly know the Polo Hofer/Rumpelstilz songs because someone else has covered it 😉Rolli Frei Race For Life 2017

Hanery Amman Race For Life 2017

Reedem, a rocktrio from Zug around frontman Saint (Stefano) Paloucci fired up the audience with an energetic performance ahead of surprise act Gotthard. Good fun to get to know new rockbands. Well, new to me. Their fourth album is in progress.

Redeem Race For Life 2017

Gotthard actually have ended their tour the day before at Riverside festival in Aarburg and played a last short set for “Race For Life”. Only in the morning it was announced that the Ticino hardrock band will play at Bundesplatz. We first thought none would come to see them and were astonished about the rather empty place. But it got crowded quickly shortly before the show. Would have been strange otherwise.

I’ve seen Gotthard only once in 2009 at Neo1 Openair, back then with frontman Steve Lee. After I’ve only seen their soundcheck at Moon & Stars this summer, shortly before concert start I was suddenly very excited and nervous to see them live. Though I hadn’t expected I would be so thrilled in the end.

Gotthard Race For Life 2017

The band was on stage with so much joy that was super infectious. The interaction to the audience, to single fans as well to each other was fantastic. It was a short, firm jam – “well, just a jam”, as bass player Marc Lynn said after the show – that properly rocked and charmed with the beautiful ballade “Heaven”.

Seems like I start liking (hard) rock: Last weekend I already liked many rock bands at Seaside Festival and now Gotthard ;). Though, in the end it depends on various factors.

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