Revolverheld in Luzern

Well, that was spontaneous. I didn’t really believe that I’d get tickets by Schüür for Revolverheld. So, quickly looking for a companion and then off to Luzern after work. I didn’t even have my camera with me as usually… 😛

Do you know Revolverheld? No? Let’s say it like this. The name of the band I’ve heard often before, but what they exactly play, I didn’t really have a clue. There recently was the Bundesvisioncontest by Stefan Raab, where the Hamburg band won. Revolverheld is a German pop-rockband, that’s touring under this name since the end of 2004 but was founded in 2002 as Manga. 2013 they released their 4th album “Immer in Bewegung” and shortly won this Raab contest with the song “Lass uns gehen” out of it. It was such a great performance [have a look here]. So I wanted to see and hear, who they are.

We went up the stairs at Schüür and oh – well, it looked crowded. Carefully I tried to wind through the crowd to get somewhere at the side, where I might be able to see something (in a way that didn’t really look like queue-jumping 😉 ). But the further I went over to the other side, there was suddenly a huge gap in the audience and so much room in the front, directly in front of the stage in the left corner… why should I stay somewhere in the back then? I was puzzled, but we were happy to get such a great spot. The supporting act was already playing. The support act The Fog Joggers, a German Indie rock band was just playing the last 2-3 songs. They didn’t sound too bad either.

The half an hour changing break was over in a blink and so the intro for the next show started. Revolverheld entered the stage and started rocking with the album title song “Immer in Bewegung. As catchy it continued with “Mein Leben ist super”. With the easy going and backslapping way front guy Johannes was talking to the audience, there was quickly a good atmosphere. It looks like “On the attic of my granny”, he said. They were talking about the walk through the nice town of Luzern, where they played for the first time this evening. And they admitted, how they were thrown out of a church the first time in their life. After all it wasn’t allowed to take photos, neither to eat or drink inside. And all of this because of a cup of coffee, even this old guy was carrying a pack of Nescafé with himself. Some cheering here and there, discussions about the origin of the towels and then even two first time concert visitors could join them on stage for “Spinner”. And with this the six guys thrilled the Luzern audience during the 90mins concert. With uptempo songs, wonderful, sentimental ballades (“Licht an”) and danceable tracks (“Darf ich bitten”) the band showed their variety. Everyone should sing along, everyone wildly dance along.


[photos of Revolverheld in gallery]
[photos of the Fog Joggers in gallery]

For the first encore with “deine Nähe tut mir weh” the bigger part of the band was suddenly standing in the back of the Schüür in the middle of the audience. Back on stage they continued with “Lass uns gehen”, during which huge balloons were dancing over the heads of the audience. Schüür was definitively too small for these huge things ^^ With “Freunde bleiben” they said goodbye for good.

We actually were in a hurry then to catch our train. As always I tried to get the setlist. The technician though it was very funny to fool around… he slowly unglued the setlist off the floor, folded the tape to the setlist. He didn’t give it to me. He preferred tantalise me. He folded the setlist slowly, folded it into a quarter, and then finally put it into my hand after all. And of course he had a huge grin on his face whilst doing so. Just mean 😛 We quickly scurried away direction train station. We luckily just made it. And thanks to my friend there’s now also a Revolverheld plec in my collection.

Revolverheld? I keep my eyes – and ears – on them for sure 😉

1. Intro
2. Immer in Bewegung
3. Mein Leben ist super
4. Welt verändern
5. Band deiner Jugend
6. Keiner nehmen
7. Schweden
8. Spinner
9. Worte die bleiben
10. Neu anfangen
11. Licht an
12. Nie erwachsen
13. Halt dich an mir fest
14. Darf ich bitten

15. Deine Nähe tut mir weh
16. Lass uns gehen
17. Freunde bleiben

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