Rival Kings & Yokko at Bogen F Zurich

Yokko released their new, second album “To The Fighters. To The Boxers” at Bogen F in Zurich and Rival Kings have been support act.The anticipation was huge – but yes, mainly cos of the support. Then again…

Yes, so far I’ve never been to a Yokko concert cos of Yokko. I know, sounds weird ^^. It was always their support acts, who brought me there. At Yokko’s first album release, where I’ve heard the band for the first time at all, The Souls (back then Undiscovered Soul) have been support act. Then Yokko were on tour with Kensington and now Rival Kings brought me to their second release. The few Yokko songs on the radio like “Calling All Gods” and “Loaded Dice” I liked, but since their first concert they never really convinced me live, esp. not compared to their support acts. Rival Kings I had seen last in November and of course was looking forward so much to their performance – even it was “only” as support act. And esp. because their concert from middle of March at NEO got postponed into autumn.

So Yokko had released their second album “To The Fighters. To The Boxers”. I first listened to it on spotify, but then bought it in physical form, a CD. I like it so much better than the first one. Next to “Talk” (it got nice lyrics and melodies as well as such an incredible energy), which is my absolute favourite, I esp. like “Boxer” and “Bloodline” a lot. But it’s a cool album alltogether. It reminds me of the sound of Kensington and this kind of sound I like a lot. Best you have a listen to “To The Fighters. To The Boxers.” yourself.

After having bought the ticket, I realised that, if I was unlucky, I won’t see anything of Yokko at all. The concert started with the support act at 9 pm way too late. My last train is going at 11 pm from the main station. I was curious on the new Yokko songs, but if it wasn’t meant to be, then I was more than ok with only seeing Rival Kings. And Rival Kings played in the 40min set, except of 2 old songs, mainly new ones from the upcoming album “War”. And no, they still didn’t tell us their album release date on this evening. But they announced that their next single won’t be too long anymore. Great!

Rival Kings’ Setlist:
Rival Kings Bogen F

Their set was short, but intense. All the energy, that’s coming from them… their new songs totally electrify, it was so good to see them finally live again. And even with their short technical interruption, they had to overcome 😉 And by now I even like “25”. Was very sceptical at the beginning towards this song. But “Drown” is already my absolute favourite. It starts very calm, then they push it on. It’s awesome! A friend shook my hand after their perofrmance, congratulating that they were really good. Haha, I told you I wasn’t raving about them too much 😉 They are so good. And it’s so much fun if you can convince others of “your” bands.

Yokko finally started shortly after 10 pm with their Intro. I wouldn’t hear too much anymore. But I had a glimpse at the setlist ahead – “Talk” [Video here] was 3rd song, so I’d at least would hear my favourite. “Borderline”, “Fever” and “Talk” could fit into this half an hour. Can’t really tell after 3 songs, if I like Yokko with their new songs live better now, but I am not adversed to still find out…

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