Ryan Keen charming Komplex Klub

I’ve seen Ryan Keen for the first time as support act of Tom Odell in March. Yes, I notice, I didn’t tell you about that yet, I am so behind with reviewing March. ooops. However, back then at Bierhubeli I’ve been mad about him from the beginning.

There this young, good looking guy came on stage and first took of his shoes. It wasn’t different last night. That’s because he needs to use the pedals on the ground better. And the strange “dance moves” weren’t because he had to go to the toilet. Of course he earned a few laughs. With some snatches of German he welcomed the audience. So, accompaigned by percussionist Leeroy he introduced last night at Komplex457 Klub in Zurich his album “Room For Light” and proofed what great singer/songwriter he is. He charmed the audience with songs like “Know About Me”, “Skin And Bones”, “Aiming For the Sun” or “When The Day Breaks”. His version of Rihanna’s “Stay” he also played again [Video on Youtube]. It was planned that Lee would sing the 2nd harmony, but they didn’t rehears it then. Still they tried and yes I could melt away with this song. Who needs Rihanna? His voice and lyrics simply touch. And additionaly there’s the way he plays the guitare. You call it “percussive freestyle”, i read on the internet. Well, I have no clue about 😉 It’s just fun to watch and listen, and he got something absolutely fascinating on him. He’s a positive person and yes, how he’s standing there on stage, beaming. Esp. if during some songs people were quitely singing along and with requesting the audience finally became a choir.

With everysong he said a few songs and explained their history of orgin. When he then announced “Focus” as his last track, everyone thought that was a pity and a big, sad “oohhh” went through the audience. Ryan could hardly calm down then. “You must be the saddest audience of them all!”, he laught and promised another encore. For this he jumped into the middle of the audience and sang all alone, accompaining himself on the guitare, one of these encores. And with the selfmade Fan-T-shirt he had received, he finished the concert after an hour together with Lee. My good or well better camera was dead then. And yes, I was a bit annoyed cause of this.

I got to say, I forgot about the support act a bit. Stella Cruz is a good singer, but I wasn’t really touched by her performance and I definitively didn’t get hooked. Guitare, keyboards, loop station – actually good. But didn’t work for me.

My last train was waiting then. After everyone let me skip the queue, I quickly got a picture with Ryan and let my album sign. He told, he’d probably be back in November for his Europe tour. So I am already excited and can’t wait.

Rian Keen @ Komplex Club Zurich


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