SEAT Music Session 2017 in Thun

SEAT Music Session, the event by Basel musician Phil Danker, was taking place already for the 9th time. With mainly unknown artists but quality, the event is meant to attract visitors. This time taking part: Roger Blevins Jr. , Stephanie Sounds, Ishantu, Teesy as well as Jennie Lena.

Starting into the evening with delicious food

So the tour also stopped in Thun again on Wednesday evening and thanks to a competition of AMAG Gümligen I was taking part for the first time, even as a VIP. That means, I could get into the mood of the evening with a great aperitif: Tomato risotto and chicken satai skewer, antipasti, open-faced sandwiches and a super delicious pumpkin soup with sesame. Ha, I need to memorize the sesame!

Later during the break we even got a great dessert buffet with chocolate mousse, cream slices, donut, cakes as well as other pastries, everything in mini. I admit, I especially like music events linked to delicious food. Is it with a great buffet or at a streetfood market.

SEAT Music Session

You could choose your seat yourself and so when doors opened at 7.30 pm, there was a little run on the black lounge stools. Everyone wanted to get the best seats. Though, which are the best seats at this round stage at all? It probably didn’t really matter.

I sat down into the closest front row directly behind the percussionist with view on the stage access. If it might be too loud here? But maybe better to sit behind the percussionist than next to the drummer – just because of the volume?! 😉 It soon proofed that I sat well.

SEAT Music Session is a 360° concert experience: In the middle of the location there’s a round stage, the band put around it. The visitors sit on lounge stools directly behind them. At 8 pm initiator and musical director, Basel musician Phil Dankner, started the evening with the renowned band.

The band are:

  • Pierangelo Crescenzio: bass
     [seen him live at various DJ Bobo concerts]
  • Cyrill Camenzind: guitar
  • Mark Hauser: saxophone
  • Christian Portmann: percussion
  • Marvin Trummer: keys
     [I know him from Cilia Hunch and Luca Little concerts]
  • Roberto Carella: drums
     [he’s playing with Nickless and seen him helping out with Trauffer]
  • Giovanni Siveroni: trumpet

Even the concert location was pretty big, it felt quickly like in a living room. And even the evening was planned out, it got something of a jam session.

The first set

Im ersten Teil des Konzertes wurden vor allem die einzelnen Musiker vorgestellt, bzw. stellten sich vor, in dem sie einige Songs – hauptsächlich eigene – präsentieren.

Roger Blevins Jr.

Roger Blevins Jr. entered the SEAT stage first. Phil Dankner knew him through his music already before they met personally. Roger is a US-American musician from Texas and frontman of the soul and funk band Mingo Fishtrap. The band was founded in the middle of the 90s and released 6 albums so far. He’s a good friend of musician Marc Broussard, who took part at this event before.

The performances at SEAT Music Session are Roger’s first performances in Switzerland. He rocked on the guitar to the songs of his band “Behind Em” as well as “On Time”. With his great, deep voice and funky passionate nature, you immediately liked him.

To break the language barrier, he proofed later with some known songs that music is internationally connecting. Before he made room for Stephanie Sounds, he sang a great duet with her to the classic “Something Is Wrong With My Baby”.

Stephanie Sounds

Stephanie Sounds is a singer from South London. Her debut album “Much Better” was only released last month. She presented “Focus” as well as “Do You Love Me” from it. With huge heels she entered stage, but her amazing voice amazed even more.

Phil Dankner discovered Stephanie Sounds trough a performance with James Morrison at “Art On Ice”. Stephanie toured as a back ground singer and even dancer already with stars as Jessie J, Natasha Beginfield, Lemar or Westlife and did performances with Celine Dion or Florence And The Machine.


After Stephanie Sounds Ishantu followed. Ishantu is a musician from central Switzerland with very deep and special voice. That’s why Phil Dankner invited her, but also because she’s writing her own songs as well got something Indian like on her.

Ishantu wasn’t unknown to me. I’ve seen her back in 2015 as a support act of 77 Bombay Street. She introduced to the audience her two songs “Bottles”, accompanied on guitar, as well as “Loose it”, what is about letting go. Both songs can be found on her album “Isthantu”.


Teesy was next: A little more than a year ago I’ve seen Teesy far away from here at Loreley in Germany. Now he was standing on the stage in Thun. Who would have ever thought? So cool!

I knew him before though: Teesy was support act of Cro at Hallenstadion Zurich. Well, Cro has discovered him after all. I loved the duet between the two of them and immediately was more thrilled by Teesy than his discoverer ;).

The German musician is already touring with his 2nd album. He introduced his two songs “Beim 2. Mal” as well as “Jackpot” and let the audience sing along.

On 5th December 2017 he’ll already return to Switzerland for a concert at Bierhübeli Bern. (Addition: Sadly the concert got cancelled due to bad presale. The artist sadly can’t do anything about it either.)

Jennie Lena

Phil Dankner brought Jennie Lena on stage last then. He was telling, how he sat in front of the computer at night in an onesie with feet for grown-ups (yes, this was really existing and great, he grinned. He and his wife did exchange them as presents 😉 ) and discovered Jennie on Youtube through her The Voice Of Holland performances. Yes, there was always something to laugh when Phil Dankner introduced his guets with loads of humour and told his stories.

However, The Voice judges did buzzer within seconds and as soon as Jennie started with her former audition song “Who’s Loving You”, it was immediately clear why. What a voice!

The singer had already released an album before her success at The Voice and has been support act of Joss Stone. Next to her great voice she convinced the audience through her talkative and super lively manner. You immediately liked her.

Her second performed song was “All By Myself” by Celine Dion that brought her some standing ovations at the end.

Before the first set ended and we were off into the break for a nice dessert, the group sang together as “All-Stars” the song “Taking It To The Streets”.

The second set

The second set started with a band intro of “Don’t Worry About A Thing” and continued with the duet of Jennie Lena and Teesy of the song “Place In The Sun”. The special thing with this duet of Jennie and Teesy was that the band was playing it acoustically.

The second part included next to more single performances

  • Teesy : Glücksrezept + Elisabeth
  • Ishantu: Freerider
  • Stephanie Sounds: How I Feel + Moments Of My Life
  • Roger Blevins Jr. A Little Love
    as well as
  • Jennie Lena: Don’t worry about a thing

also a duet between Ishantu and Phil Dankner for “Give Me A Reason”. The second part got the audience quickly going – and if not, the musician asked everyone to stand up.

Jennie Lena brought a girl on stage to dance with her. The little one seemed not shy at all and to love it. Besides it became suddenly pitch-dark during one part and the band and singers did drum a show part with neon drumsticks. This was so cool!

With “I Wanna Know What Love Is” the all-stars ended the concert. But not without returning for an encore and rocking one last time with “Crazy”.

My highlights and the programme of 2018

A fantastic event, a wonderful evening. I liked all the artists a lot, but my highlights were sure Teesy and Jennie Lena, especially their duet for “Place In The Sun”. The part with the neon drumsticks was fantastic as well.

Phil Dankner revealed then already next year’s artists for the 10 years anniversary. Selected musician of these 10 years will be performing again. So, such already having been part in these last 10 years.

Fix in the programme are:

  • Marc Broussard (USA)
  • Avery Sunshine (USA)
  • Alain Clark (NL)
  • Nina Atall (F)

Besides there will be another surprise guest at each show. Yikes, so you kind of must be at each show then 😉


Have you been at this year's SEAT Music session show? Or been to one in the past? How do you like the event and do you have a favourite?

After the concert there were all writing autographs and taking pictures:

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More about this year’s artists you can find on: (Roger Blevins Jr.)



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