Sladu’s Jam Session in Bern

Once a month Sladu’s jam session takes place at Washbar in Bern. I’ve already visited this event last November, when among others Chubby Buddy did a short performance [read here].

The event takes place at Washbar, right at Welle 7 in Bern, by the way where they have – next to super delicious looking tartes flambé – great pulled pork sandwiches. The concept of the jam session works like, they have instruments there and who dares can play with guitarist Sladu and band. Sometimes there are pre-announced musicians and bands, who present their own songs. But most are there spontaneously and enlist, if they dare.

Finally I made it there again. Umm, of course only as a listener. I (sadly) don’t play any instrument, nor does anyone want to hear me sing. Just believe me this ;). This Thursday evening a Zurich duo introduced two of their songs and a little hesitating various musician went up on stage with Sladu and the band; keyboard players, bass player, drummers and guitarists.

I like this event, because it’s so variable and each time you get to listen to different musicians play and sing. Some proof to be really awesome. And so once more it’s been a superb evening. By the way, in April  it’s likely that the last jam before summer break will take place. The date will be released and will be found on or on Slädu’s Facebook.

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