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This weekend I indeed had a moment, when I thought “Sarah, maybe you’re visiting too many concerts?!” Why? Because I haven’t been this excited about seeing a concert in ages. It’s not, that I’m not looking forward to the concerts. I am always looking forward to them. But this weekend I’ve seen two acts, which I’ve never seen before or not for a long time and only rarely. And this was definitively exciting.

To see Undiscovered Soul became indeed a habit. A wonderulf habit though. It’s just not working without them anymore. And so I of course had to go to Langnau. Was a great concert. The atmosphere was super, there were many known faces in the audience – many happy faces. The guys rocked this little cellar (you just can’t call this little location named “Wöschmaschine” (washing machine) differently). But I’ve got to say that over the years I learnt to appreciate small concerts and meanwhile I probably, if I am really honest, really like them more. Unfortunately I had to leave immediately after the concert to catch my last train. But it was worth it.

On Saturday afternoon I went to Bern. Marco Balzli, ex-The voice of Switzerland contestant, played at music show Krompholz an unplugged concert. So I finally got the chance to see him live. it’s always exciting, if you see someone for the first time. Esp. if it’s someone you wanted to hear live for a long time already. And even nicer it is, if you can say then “yes, I very much liked it. I’ll go again in future”. Very nice voice, beautiful songs and even though his guitar player couldn’t make it and they had to improvise, it was great.

In the evening I went then to Düdingen to see Baba Shrimps. Exactly they were the ones I was most looking forward to. From the first moment on I was a big fan of their actual EP “Europe”. I though counldn’t remember their performance as support of 77 Bombay Street very well anymore. And it was my first concert just by them. I was very much looking forward to them and was excited. And I didn’t get disappointed at all! I even got quite overrun, in positive sense. I liked the show very much. Was completly overwhelmed. And really just cos of the songs, cos of the music. Great beats, melodies, effects in the songs. Great lyrics. Super voices, background choir. Everything of me kept absorbing it. And of course the band seemed very likable. This way the concert was way too short. Could have listened for hours. There weren’t too many people. They guys would have deserved a bigger audience. But even if I would have stood there all on my own, the concert still would have been perfect. There you don’t need a big show, no big audience. Just the band standing there, performing their songs. And to know that there’ll be an album very soon, makes things even more exciting.

That’s why this thought, if I was going to too many concerts, was gone very quickly. The musig, the shows, the people, the experiences. All this is giving so much to me. And that’s why I won’t change anything and keep going to as many concerts as possible. I already can’t wait for the next shows.


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