Stars Of Sounds Murten 2018: from summer party to dating platform

Sunrise Avenue Murten

Oh dear, that looked really bleak in the morning and the gray clouds even emptied themselves in the meantime. What would the weather be like in Murten? I thought they had reported a lot better for this Friday. But when I got off the train later in Murten, luckily it had stopped raining. The sky even broke up pretty fast. But wearing wellies was still a good idea, as I later discovered on the festival grounds. As clumsy I am, I sure keep catching the mud puddles 😉

Murten treat

A short walk through the beautiful town led me past the pastry shop, from where I bough a delicious piece of “Nidlechueche” with me. Do you know the Murten specialty? By the way, “Nidle” is cream and is applied to a yeast dough in several different layers. Slightly caramel flavored. Calorie bomb to the power of ten. But so delicious! I can recommend it. But the cake is also quite filling. Do not eat too much in advance. 😉

The second round of this year’s Stars Of Sounds continued in Murten. Admission for the second day had started, as Pedestrians were just at the lake front doing an interview. Farther back on the grounds, the Swiss Sunrise Avenue crew had hung their huge Swiss flag. Next to the Biel band Shadox, Pedestrians support the Finnish rock band Sunrise Avenue on the second Stars Of Sounds evening in Murten. The German DJ “Alle Farben” should ensure the aftershow party in the end.

Biel band kicked off the second festival day

The Biel band Shadox, founded in 2012, kicked off the second festival evening. Most of the time they play their own compositions, but also a few covers. A mix of 60s and 70s sound, blues, rock and pop brought the Murten audience into the mood. I actually thought I did not even know the band around frontman Shady. But hey, as soon as the frontman started rocking with the five-member band, I quickly realized that I did not see the band live for the first time. They had been at the Lakeland Festival in Erlach.

Shadox Stars Of Sounds Murten

you can find more pictures of Shadox here Photo gallery: Shadox at Stars Of Sounds Murten

Dancing into the sunset with Pedestrians

After Shadox, Pedestrians danced with the audience into the sunset during songs like the great Danitsa cover “Captain” or their “material”. The Baden band brought with their reggae beats real summer feeling to Murten.

The six musicians are currently on tour with their current EP “Flavor”. They enjoyed the warming evening sun and the great view of the lake. Frontman Mike thought it was pretty clever how the boat owners scrounged free concerts on the lake. And so a jump into the cool water after the concert seemed to him to be a very attractive idea.

Pedestrians Stars Of Sounds MurtenPedestrians Stars Of Sounds Murten

more pictures of Pedestrian are here Photo gallery : Pedestrians at Stars Of Sounds Murten

Concerts are their valve and a great way to pass on emotions. And so he not only thanked the team and fans, who make it all possible. He also wished guitarist Davis’ mom a great birthday. Well, she will surely have.

Not only did Pedestrians let the audience shake their hips, they also forced them to their knees to jump back up wildly again. A bit more electronic than expected, the band made a great summer party.

Stars Of Sounds Murten

More than Samu Haber and “Hollywood Hills”

Who doesn’t know him: Samu Haber, heartthrob and above all frontman of the Finnish rock band Sunrise Avenue. They were the main act on this Stars Of Sounds evening. After a number of The Voice of Germany episodes, I also had the blond guy in mind, every time anyone mentioned Sunrise Avenue. Do not tell this to the long-term fans, they won’t be pleased about such statements 😉 Understandable, because the Finns are definitely more than just Samu Haber and “Hollywood Hills”.

Sunrise Avenue Murten

Slowly and restrained, the band started with “Prisoner in Paradise”, took up some speed during the song and then went on to the catchy “I help you hate me”. Years ago, I had seen Sunrise Avenue live on the Energy stage for a handful of songs, and later at their  “The Big Band Theory” Tour show in Zurich. I was less convinced back then. However, I liked some of their radio hits, each of which turned out to be a catchy earworm, good to very good. Their festival show and my first “normal” Sunrise Avenue concert started quite well. Song by song the band rocked the Murtener stage. Quickly bassist Raul caught my eye. How he tugged the strings and rocked the stage, I found cool.

Exclusive live premiere on Stars Of Sounds

After “Beautiful” and “Unholy Ground” Sunrise Avenue let their fans dream: with “Dreamer” there was surprisingly a live premiere. But what does surprising mean? The fans were surprised with the unannounced new single, which was realeased overnight to Friday, but of course they all already hoped that their Finnish favorites would present the song exclusively at the Stars Of Sounds in Murten. What they did of course. Probably the song will not be my Sunrise Avenue favorite, but there is potential for a earworm and the band’s next hit as well. Many of the Sunrise Avenue songs in the first part of the setlist were catchy pop / rock songs like “Heartbreak Century”, “Never Let Go” or “Lifesaver”..

You can find more photos of Sunrise Avenue here
Photo gallery: Sunrise Avenue at Stars Of Sounds Murten

All kippers and curtains?

Meanwhile, the band obviously had as much fun playing as the fans listening. There was a pretty wild party in the golden circle. The first rows hopped and danced seemingly almost uninterruptedly and celebrated their favorite band. But, was I the only one who wondered if frontman Samu would not normally be more talkative? The musician greeted the audience, but otherwise he did not seem to have much to say. Or was it the language? I knew that his German language skills are not as good as we were apparently  fooled in “The Voice of Germany”.  There he always seemed to be a little bit hyper and quite a chatterbox. He had once told SRF3 that he always had a lot of translation help with the German and everything was cut together. But is the difference really that big?

Touching lyrics, beautiful ballads and buzzing rock songs

But after “Question Mark” Samu looked for flags in the audience. Listed a few that he discovered. It was not a big surprise then, when the band continued with the song “Flag”, unknown to me til then. Lines like “You can be the one, you can be the light. You can be the star that shines at night. Never let your flag go down. Never let go of your flag ” went straight into my heart. At least the audience danced to “I do not dance”, before it got a bit quieter with a pianointro by Osmo and the following “Afterglow”. Lights were swaying and the song was immediately added to my favorites list.

The Finns then showed a completely different side with their current version of “Forever yours”. The song from the debut album released in 2006 was even darker and more bass-heavy than originally. The debut album was a lot rockier than the current hits.

Sunrise Avenue Murten

First dates at Sunrise Avenue’s

At the end of the show Samu also tried as a coupler. Actually, he wanted to know if there were some couples for the first date on site. But he quickly realized that, as so often, he received a rather unsatisfying answer to this question.

But honestly dear Samu: Sure that a 1st date at a Sunrise Avenue concert would be so clever? Just because you are totally worshipped by about 80% of the women? 😉

Samu therefore changed the tactics and asked for all single boys and single ladies. He was sure that the men in the huge selection of single women should actually have to find someone. 😉

Hits and duels

Therefor the band started with “Point of no return” to their last song. They returned for the encore though. Once again, Sunrise Avenue started with a piano intro, which went into their first hit “Fairytales Gone Bad”. Bassist Raul and guitarist Riku played a small duel on the catwalk. The enthusiasm in the audience then increased at least once again to another level as soon as the first guitar riffs of “Hollywood Hills” were played. I could swear, everyone to the very back was singing along.

I’ll definitely go to Sunrise Avenue again. I would love them to play the rather unknown, rockier non-radio songs. Because if you let go of the poppy radio hits, Sunrise Avenue are a pretty cool rock band.

After a short break, the party continued with German DJ “Alle Farben”. However, without me.


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