Stars Of Sounds Murten 2018: Hit fireworks for the festival final

George Ezra Stars Of Sounds Murten

From 5 to 7 July 2018, the Stars of Sounds took place again at Pantschau in Murten. The first days haven’t always been perfect in terms of weather, but musically really great.

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The third and final day rounded off the festival again with a lot of energy, great vibes and relaxed sound. Energizer Nickless, the reggae group Inner Circle, the British singer-songwriter George Ezra, Zurich rapper Bligg and DJ Robin Schulz were on the program. They presented a real hit fireworks throughout the day.

Nickless let Murten groove

Ok, that was tight, but I was in time after all for the first concert. Nickless and his band started the last day of the festival with an intro that went straight to my favorite: the kitschy-beautiful “Princess”.

For too long, I hadn’t seen the band live anymore, and most of all never before with their second album, “Chapters” that was released in March. “Chapters” is a new, varied and very groovy Nickless album, with many stories and a little more edgy.

Nickless Stars Of Sounds Murten

With the new Nickless chapter also a part of the band was replaced. Bassist Andrea and drummer Flo, who have been there for years, have left the band. Next to the new drummer Robby, Marcel came as the new bassist. However, with Janick he was differently than expected in Murten 😉 But hey, fans of Andrea and Flo still have the opportunity to see the two live. You should definitely check out the band Tawnee. Unfortunately, I have never seen them live, but I totally love their songs!

In a good mood, full of energy and a little hyper as he is, Nickless animated the audience to join in from the beginning. With much wit and charm, he knew exactly how he could put a smile on the audience’ faces.

So the new “Don’t Bring Me Down” went into the catchy “All my life”. A wonderful first single release from the new album and at the same time a “terrible” earworm,  one can’t get rid of so soon 😉 A short intro by drummer Robby made the transition to the invisible drums and Nickless’ beatboxing skills. Ever since I saw the Zurich musician live as a support for 77 Bombay Street, he always had his “drums” with him. Pressing some imaginary buttons and making a brief ping-pong exchange with the audience was a part of it, before they continued grooving with “Looking For Your Love” from the debut .
Nickless Stars Of Sounds Murten

Nickless Stars Of Sounds Murten

You can find more Nickless photos here Photo gallery: Nickless at Stars Of Sounds Murten 2018

For the next song he has a deal with the band and got to tell a new story each time, Nickless explained. So he started the story of how he webt sailing with his father, but immediately confirmed that the story was totally made up. When he came to the point where he said “… and yes, I am still waiting for the call …”, neither laughter nor other reactions followed, he quickly realized: No one had understood his joke. I admit, only when he played his 2016 “Best Hit National” song “Waiting”, I understood the hint, after all 😉

“…I still wait, wait, i’m still waiting for you, waiting for your call…”

Towards the end drummer Robby joined the band in the front and played an acoustic version of “Can I drive you home” with them. Finally, they finished the concert with Nickless dancing over the runway during “Groovin” and playing together with Robby  a wild drumming duel.

Perfect summer feeling

Like the previous day, there were spread summer feelings on this last evening due to reggae sounds. Unlike Pedestrians, maybe a bit more classic, if you can call it that way. You don’t know Inner Circle? At first I thought so too, but I tell you.  The band members are old hands in the business and you definitely know the one hit.

Inner Circle Stars Of Sounds Murten

The band from Kingston/Jamaica was founded in 1968 by the brothers Ian and Roger Lewis. They were the first Jamaican band to tour the USA. Ian plays bass, Roger guitar. Next to them were Lancelot Hall on drums, Bernard Harvey on keyboard, Ronny Gutierrez on guitar and front man Kris Bentley in Murten on stage. They brought the audience quickly  into the mood with some of their own songs, but above all older and newer cover versions.

Ian sat relaxed on his box while tugging the strings of his bass. On the one side with an incredible energy and joy of playing, on the other side with calmness and a wonderful serenity, the band played their concert this afternoon. Frontman Kris danced up and down the catwalk. Bernard Harvey punched the keys and guitarist Ronny winked cheekily. The band did spread just as much charm as coolness.

In addition to their own songs like “We A Rockers”, “One Way” or their mega-hit “Sweat (Ala la la long)” (on Youtube you will find the official video) – a total earworm, the audience went wild immediately – above all the band also played songs by other artists. These were songs like “Young Wild And Free”, “Sweet Jamaica” or “Stir Up”.

You can find more photos of Inner Circle here Photo gallery: Inner Circle at Stars Of Sounds Murten

In between there was a medley consisting of Imagine, Rock With You and Let it Be. And when they even started Whitney Houston’s “Your love is my love” at the end of the medley, I could barely hold off my enthusiasm and delight. Later, the same situation happened again when “Mr Bombastic” was followed by Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”. The Inner Circle concert was so much fun and super cool.

Pizza, Burger and Schlagerparty

Before continuing with George Ezra, I had some time to grab something to eat and look around on the area a little closer than the last few days. The food area was a bit separated from the concert area. There were so many food stalls and bars. Even a “Schlagerparty” was available. From the wooden hut various Schlager hits such as Helene Fischer’s “Atemlos” was blasting. There were also seatings in the food area. And so the whole thing felt like a separate food festival due to the structure and the atmosphere.

Food Stars Of Sounds Murten

At my favorite festival food stall, the Mexican, I got a Mexican meal. But there were also burgers, pizzas and tarte flambée as well as various Asian dishes. Like at the Stars Of Sounds in Aarberg you could get McFlurrys. I preferred the Gelati truck at the side of the stage though 😉

On the rest of the festival grounds, apart from the large VIP tent, there were a few individual bars and food stalls. Radio Bern 1 also had its stall at the lake and there was even a TV tent. So the football fans could watch the current World Cup games. Why do you go to a music festival when you watch football there? Well, however, I do not need to understand this. 😉

Satisfied and balanced

George Ezra and his six-member band started their show with their  folky “Cassy O” from the debut album. Oh, how nice to see the Brit live again.

In 2015 I’ve seen George Ezra live at Gurtenfestival for the first time on Sunday afternoon. It had been a hot summer day and the atmosphere was relaxing. The Gurtenfestival Sunday was anyway always the total chill day (sadly, Sunday was abolished). When you see the musician in front of you, you do not necessarily expect this incredible voice. There were also some surprised in Murten. With that, with the folky country pop rock’n’roll songs and his British charm, George Ezra brought a lot more composure and calm to the festival. You felt completely satisfied and balanced right from the start.

George Ezra Stars Of Sounds Murten

That’s how it was in Murten this evening too. The sun was setting. It was still warm, but not too hot anymore. Everything just seemed nice and relaxed. I was thrilled to listen to the new songs live that were released on his second album “Staying At Tamara’s” in March. With “Get Away” the first new song already followed. Ezra went on with his successful “Barcelona”. He thought he had always spent too little time in the Spanish city.

George Ezra has a wonderful way of telling stories. He told the audience in Murten that he always wrote down everything he saw and heard on the way. Partly, he also wrote things down only in key words, whom he met and what he experienced. At home he writes the songs from the collected notes. And from such notes my favorite song from the new album, “Pretty Shining People”, was created. The good mood song is currently played by me in endless loop and especially in the morning to wake up. The song is so totally cheering up and motivating.

George Ezra Stars Of Sounds Murten

George Ezra Stars Of Sounds Murten

Stars Of Sounds Murten

You can find more photos of George Ezra here Photo gallery: George Ezra at Stars Of Sounds Murten

They continued rhythmically with “Listen To The Man,” to which George had made a music video with “Lord of the Rings” star Sir Ian McKellen. Also a favorite of mine was “Don’t Matter Now”. This was followed by “Save You”.

Obviously, England had just won 2-0 over Sweden in the World Cup and some England fans started singing “It’s Coming Home, It’s Coming Home, Football’s Coming Home” between the songs. Although Ezra did not really react to it, he grinned broadly whilst finishing tuning his guitar, before he came to the next stories.

George had been on a US tour and was sick when he recorded the chorus for this one song. He forgot the recording and discovered it only 8 months later. This resulted in “Paradise”. Another successful earworm, cheerful and danceable. The song can also be found on the new album and is played up and down on the radios. It was immediately followed by the eight song “Song 6”.

Just recently, George Ezra posted on Twitter how much he loves sunsets. So while the sun was slowly setting, the sky over Lake Murten turned from yellow, to warm orange and a little reddish, George sang “Hold My Girl” accompanied by a violin. That must have been the perfect place and moment for him.

With “All My Love”, a song that means a lot to him, and “Blame It On Me”, the concert was slowly coming to an end. He ended his set with the new, catchy “shot gun” that he has played all around the world already. But not without finishing the concert additionally nicely with “Savior”, that he had recorded in the original with the Swedish duo First Aid Kit, as well as the hit “Budapest”

Energetic show at the end

The combination makes it 😉 So after a calmer concert all hell was let loose again.  Currently out on festival tour, Bligg also presented his new album “Kombination” at the Stars Of Sounds in Murten.

Bligg Stars Of Sounds Murten

Bligg Stars Of Sounds Murten

Here you can find more Bligg photos Photo gallery: Bligg at Stars Of Sounds Murten

With a mix of well-known hits like “Manhatten”, “Söldner” or “Rosalie” as well as the new songs the band took the stage. Of course Bligg’s brother DJ Sam-B and background singer Annie-May were also part of the party. The new “Momoll” Bligg sang with the support of the backing vocalist. For “In Tüüfels Chuchi” he even got additional support by  Zurich colleague ZID.
As always, Bligg also brought in the audience. Durings “sBlaue vom Himmel”, one half of the audience sang “du seisch”, the other “aber du denksch”. During “Hilf mir” there was a beautiful sea of lights and next to other merchandise Bligg gave away CDs and T-shirts. He also put together his own “Stammtisch”.

Jap, he took some fans on stage and presented a new schnapps. It should soon be available in his merchandise shop. That’s why he wanted to give the chosen audience a taste. But oops, the two girls among the chosen ones were only 13 years old. The two of them, of course, didn’t get any schnapps and Bligg ordered with the crew some pingu syrup 😉

What Bligg probably hadn’t expected during the “Stammtisch” song, was that the freaky guy with the artificial breasts would steal him the show 😉 The “Guggenmusik” member first danced with one of the girls over the catwalk and then rocked with Bligg to the end of the song. Everyone would most likely have wanted to stay on stage longer. But they had to say goodbye to the stage after again. It was followed by a medley of older songs, before Brother Sam came out of his DJ booth for a duet to “Millieu”.

Finally, there was still some hope left that Bligg might still have brought his vocal partner Marc Sway for “Us Mänsch”. Even if I believed that we would have noticed that on social media already. In fact, Marc Sway’s voice was only heard off the tape. I was really not so sure, whether I would not have renounced the song. It seemed a bit strange.

Well, while Bligg rooted on the audience in Murten with the encore, I headed home. Robin Schulz would not have been my case and too late to get home by public transport anyway. So I prefered Bligg for the final. Even his concert had not quite thrill me as much as expected.

Murten highlights

With each step further away from the area, the music became quieter and duller. With every step, the festival day echoed a bit more. It was a beautiful, varied weekend with friends, acquaintances and great music. Just to forget everyday life and let your mind wander.

My highlights were:

The Kelly Family:
Great setlist, super sound and just my band.

George Ezra:
You felt at this concert so wonderfully balanced.

The catchy songs and Nickless’ lively nature are making a good mood.

Inner Circle:
Their concert brought the total summer feeling and was great fun.

I am curious who will perform next year in Murten or Aarberg. I’ve definitely wished for Michael Patrick Kelly. 😉


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