The Baseballs in Solothurn

03.04.2015 – About 1 year after my last The Baseballs concert, Basti, Digger and Sam are still on tour with their album “Game Day” and honored the Kofmehl in Solothurn again after 5-6 years. So I’ve got to see finally another The Baseballs concert again.

Kofmehl Solothurn
Kofmehl Solothurn

Wow, I was surprised how the Kofmehl changed since my last visit. Well, at least from the outside. I was there early, cos I didn’t exactly know how many would already queue. There were esp. woman queuing, some styled in fancy 60s outfits. The admission wasn’t really great. Loads of pushing, shovling and fighting until everyone got their spots. Only the outside door was opened, both inside doors were still closed. Idiotic, because the crowd got backed up of course, everyone became more nervous and as soon as the doors opened, there was a huge run on the front rows. And the ones having queued for ages before concert start, of course weren’t happy, when they didn’t reach front row. If anyone thinks these were the teens fighting, is wrong… mothers with their kids were in as well. The atmosphere was first everything else but good. Luckily it changed as soon as the concert started, even though I thought it has been a lot better back then at Bierhübeli.

There was no support act, the Baseballs started directly their show. A lot was similar or the same, but also a


lot had gone since the last concert. The setlist changed a bit. There were mostly still the same songs, but the order had changed. The show started again with the white curtains, bu this time with “When Love Takes Over”. The three of them let their hips swing and the girls scream. The piano went up in flames and there was loads to laugh about again. From the firs second of the show, they got a lot of mischief in their minds – and the audience loved to go along with. For “Royals” [Video here] everyone joined in into the weird noises Digger did or sang along to his steeldrums. During Michael Jackson’s hit “Bad” a guy was picked from the audience, offered a beer first and was made then to sing terrificly high. “Everyone takes out the phone and films…”, Digger asked. The higher, weirder and more embarrassing, the better of course ;).

The Baseballs and band rocked the Kofmehl with songs as “Never Ever”, “My Baby Left Me For A DJ”, “Umbrella” or my favourite “I’m Yours”. But in this evening they also proofed again how incredibly talented they are, what great singers and how they harmonize, and inbetween also can stay serious. If they gather around the piano with the whole band and begin their version of David Hasselhoff’s “I’ve been looking for freedom” or sing “Hard Not To Cry” [Video here] , they cause goosebumps. With the ukuleles they did spread summerfeelings right after during “What You Want” [Video here], and the great guitare and drum solos weren’t missing either.

Even it didn’t feel like my favourite The Baseballs concert, it was great fun again in the end. The atmosphere at Bierhübeli though has just been better and the extras as photomachine or when Digger suddendly stood back in the crowd… but the joy was big, when I remembered that the rock’n’roller were going to be part of this year’s Stars Of Sounds in Murten. But I’ll tell you about it in an own post. 🙂

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