The new year can come – 2015!

You say, what you do on the first day of the year, you’ll be doing throughout the whole year. Of course there are already several concerts planned for 2015. And the rest we’ll see… Do you have concert plans for the new year?

1.1. – Touch The Mountains (Lo & Leduc, Trauffer, Bligg), Interlaken
9.1. – Kino Kino, Aarau
11.1. – Patricia Kelly, Biel
12.2. – Pegasus, Zürich
13.2. – Pegasus, Bern
20.2. – Kodaline, Zürich
11.3. – Mark Forster, Zürich
29.5. – Paddy Kelly, D-München
30.5. – Olly Murs, Bern

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