The Souls at Montreux Jazz Festival

The Souls in Montreux

Going to Montreux after work and seeing The Souls? Yes, this works. Even the whole trip might have been indeed a little crazy.

Leaving work a little early (but still being late), speeding to Thun by bike, jumping into the train and driving to Montreux via Visp for about 2 hours. Listening the concert for about 1,5 hours and immediately going back home after via Lausanne-Bern. Never mind! Thanks to my GA it’s easy. And because The Souls already performed at 8pm it was possible.

Montreux Jazz Festival

Yes, The Souls played on this evening at the legendary Montreux Jazzfestival. It was my first visit at the festival. Even I’ve only seen a small part of it, it is definitively a magical summer festival:

  • wonderful event place at the lake
  • many interesting food and drink stands
  • summery relaxed atmosphere
  • many friends and acquaintances have been there
  • great audience
  • and of course a great band with wonderful music.

Also in Montreux The Souls played a small pre-gig somewhere on the festival area (at Heineken stand, as we could see) and live streamed it. A good attunement and entertainment for travelling. When they passed the Mövenpick stand, I would have loved to get an ice cream.

In Montreux arrived and friends found, we were off to parc Vernex. It’s where “Music in the park” takes places during Montreux Jazz Festival. The concerts in the park are for free. It wasn’t far to walk there, but quickly we realized that we would have better gone along the outside, instead along the lake promenade. The walk that went past all the food, drink and market stalls was totally crowded. Also the walk was very narrow (if there just never was panic. whew). But therefore we did pass the Mövenpick stand. It was a tasty crème brûlée ice cream for me. Yumm! (never mind the diet :P). Parlez-vous français? I admit it worked out better on other before than on this day.

Parc Vernex was sooo beautiful. The stage was standing a bit away from the lake towards the road, surrounded by many trees and greens. There were also standing drink and food stands around the place. There were several entrances to various bars. In a small shop close to the stage the bands could sell their CDs and merchandise. In the back some tables were standing and all over the place lights chains were hanging. It was a little pity, that it was still bright.

The audience was sitting all over the green relaxing on the ground. On the left side of the stage, there even a small hill went up to the road, where people were sitting too. There were so many visitors. The atmosphere was summery relaxed. The Souls just did their soundcheck, but 10 mins after our arrival they already started their concert.

The setlist must have been the same as in Biel. A friend didn’t know the new songs yet and was especially happy about the new “Move on”. With this and the incredible great harmonics of the cover “Hopelessly Hope” (it sounded even more beautiful than in Biel ♥) they also thrilled the audience in Montreux. Also the unplugged version of “Fighting in the moonlight”, the power in “Silver Rain” or the great solos went down very well.

Whilst some were enjoying a cold beer in the heat, leisurely sitting somewhere and listening to the band, some fathers were dancing with their little daughters in front of the stage. The kids had so much fun. With a mix of French and English The Souls kept talking to the audience. There was quite some to smirk about, but they also got a lot of extra sympathy.

Some seemed surprised, when The Souls left the stage then, seemingly a little unexpected. But they of course came back for an encore. Some spectators would have been disappointed, if they wouldn’t have played “Close My Eyes”. There were quite many fans among the audience, but by the end of the concert they had won as many new ones. It has been another very nice concert.

We were quite immediately off back to the train station to get home. But it has been so worth it again. It was this kind of summer evenings, I totally love.

The Montreux Jazz Festival is still continuing until 15 July by the way. Why don’t you check their official website and get informed about. Next to the actual programme there are many free events too. A visit in Montreux is sure worth it.

Es ging für uns dann mehr oder weniger direkt wieder zurück zum Bahnhof, ab nach Hause. Es hatte sich aber einmal mehr gelohnt. Das war die Art Sommerabende, die ich total liebe.

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