The Souls at Soho Club in Wangen

The organiser was coming on stage and annoucing, he got bad news. First fear was of course that the concert got cancelled. Flue is going around and singer Jay als said the day before in the video, he got a cold. I recently experienced such a cancellation at short notice with Gregor Meyle. But luckily it wasn’t as bad: Jay has been at a band contest as a judge and was delayed. We were asked to be a bit patient. Well, the careful planning of the frontguy failed so. Hehe. But just no stress. Okay, usually I would have felt a little stressed, but luckily I got a lift home.

Originally I wanted to go to Soho in Wangen an der Aare already last weekend, but the ocncert of Rival Kings got cancelled. So my first visit at the rebuilt Club was for the souls. Allowedly, for residents sure barely a problem, the venue isn’t too well situated for me. Generally it would have worked out with public transport, but the last train to get home more or less easily, was leaving around half past eleven already. A delay was a little difficult. I am thinking about, if I would be better of usuing a car for the Josh Kumra concert in three weeks. The location is directly off motorway exit and can be easily found so. I hadn’t heard too much good about Soho before. It was mainly a party location, with barely any concert visitors. Well, these parties. I never be able to relate to them. I was curious so, how The Souls concert was going to be.

THe location is really very nice. It’s quite big, the bar with its swinging doors and the wooden construction kinda in a wildwest style. Some nice bulps are haning along the bar. You can pass the time whilst playing table soccer or lingering in the sitting corners with friends. At the walls there were two screens, on which suitable for the evening the album of the band was shown. The stage is quite big and at its very back there’s a door to go outside. It’s making unloading and loading easier for the bands. The backstage area is going from the stage sidewards up some stairs to a balcony and from there into the back.

With the singer going from the car directly on stage, The Souls started their delayed concert then. Yes, Soho was everything else but crowded, but still far from what I did fear. Croakiness, stif necks or a rather small audience of course wouldn’t stop the band from playing a great concert. Singing along during “Live” worked out only scanty though, the audience was instead extremly quite, you could have heard a pin fall. You barely dared to breah. Haha. Of course the band then wasn’t really sure either, if that was good or bad then. But the feedback was sure positive. They simply were all quite connoisseurs. So the band could play the accoustic versions of “Tandem” and “Nowhere Man” even smoother in the middle of the audience. It was such a wonderful concert evening.

Yeah and everyone, who missed The Souls in Wangen: The next concert will take place the upcoming Saturday, 4 February 2017 at their neighbours’ at Kofmehl Solothurn. And next concert at Soho will be on Saturday, 18 February 2017: Josh Kumra, a great singer/songwriter from UK will stop there during his short Swiss tour. Who saw OneRepublic at Komplex 457 in Zurich in 2013, knows him.

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