The Souls in Berlin

If your bands won’t play at home, then you simply go where they do – even if this means a trip into Germany’s capital – to Berlin. It’s where  The Souls and Neil Thomas performed at the 1st Visionary Collective Night and I quickly flew over.

This was only a very short trip. Flying over at the day of the concert and back again the next day. Why? Because it’s fun and I can do it. The cheap airlines are sometimes having great deals and you can stay at hostels like the Plus Berlin in a 4-beds-dorm incl. bathroom for only € 15, almost like in a hotel. Berlin is a great city. The vibes, the historical mixed with the modern, totally multiculti and very easy going. I haven’t been there often yet, but love to fly over.

I put my expectations on the concert down just in case. Actually not really on the bands – at least not on the Souls – but generally cos of the atmosphere, the audience…. Tuesday evening with unknown bands I couldn’t imagine to be much different than here in Switzerland. And Tuesday evening in Berlin was indeed like Mondays in Switzerland. So rather extincted and not much going on. But I was positively surprised.

Privatclub is a small club at Skalitzer Strasse in Berlin, in the Kreuzberg area, with bar and a small stage. Just at the entrance there’s a cosy sitting corner. I would have loved to take one of these chairs home. There’s a smoking room in the club, what actually makes not much sense if the door is gaping wide open and people do smoke in front of the stage. Is there actually no such smoking ban like here in Swietzerland? Yes, right, I like this smoking ban for many reasons… So, the club wasn’t super full, but some came and even listened to the bands mostly. Quite a few Swiss where there, but I was probably the only one who flew in from Switzerland.

Neil Thomas is a musician from UK. He entered stage all in black with bright red trainers and his guitare. After about the 2nd or 3rd song he said, that usually he was simply talking way too much and so he first keeps playing. He introduced himself and his companion, multiinstrumentalist Ben Jones, later then.
Neil Thomas had learnt his first guitare accords from his mutter, but won British Human Beatbox Championship first, before he got into songwriting. Out of this his EP “Home” was created. I quite liked him, live more than on EP. He suddendly reminded me of Nick Howard (The Voice Of Germany) – the way he was or so. Concerning Ben Jones: As I read afterwards he used to play with stars like Mary J. Blidge, Kelly Rowland and Westlife. I didn’t find out yet, whether I’ve seen him with Westlife before. It was a rather quite concert, he played during 40mins songs like „Close To Your Heart“, „Waterline“ or „Home“.

After The Souls got introduced. I had to grin a little cos oft he announcement. Somehow was quite enhanced and made bigger than I expected. But hey, totally ok, after all The Souls also got up on stagei n Berlin and immediately got the audience round. They started quitely with the new song „Close My Eyes“ and continued with a first favourite of mine – „Ask Me“. They played many new songs on this evening. And yes, it is rather mean, but even 77 Bobmay Street played their new songs abroad long before we got to hear them.

Differently than expected there in Berlin the audience wasn’t just standing around, but a small group in front oft he stage started dancing from the beginning and it got wilder with each song. They played „Lines in the sand“ and „Tandem“, whereon with „Fighting in the moonlight“ a ‚live premiere‘ followed and my heart skipped a beat. It is so much fun to listen to songs live fort he first time. And in case you’ve been tot he cinema event last year, you know, it was the last song they wrote back in the USA. It is so much fun live, you simply can’t stand still. More of the audience started to wiggle their feet and the atmosphere as really nice in this small club. A second favourite of me followed – „Live“. Actually it replaced „Run Baby Run“ for me by now, what also followed as a last song after „Silverrain“ then. „Live“ is just super fun live. Yes, and because one simply couldn’t let The Souls go without encore, they went down for the final into the middle of the audience and sang ‘Nowhere Man’.

It was a real great evening an as I heard, The Souls went down very well with the audience. Okay, actually we only talked about The Souls after and I have no clue, what people thought about Neil Thomas‘ concert. It didn’t get very late anymore after concerts ended. The next day I flew back home again and The Souls went on to London. But the next trip abroad is sure following soon.

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