#throwbackthursday: The Kelly Family at Letzigrund Stadium

On Sunday, 7.7.1996 The Kelly Family played at Letzigrund Stadium Zurich in front of about 42’000 people. I was 11 years old back then. It was my very first concert.

I don’t remember too much of the concert anymore after so many years, but I still know, how excited and nervous I’ve been. The night before we’ve been at a party and only got into bed around 3am or so. On this Sunday my father went to Zurich with me by train. He had his reflex camera with him – what he wasn’t allowed to take in of course and so we didn’t get in. We left then to find a solution. I had tears in my eyes and was almost crying, because we didn’t get in. But my father could leave the camera at a restaurant – many others did so as well – and so we still got into the stadium. Inside, stage in sight, I simply went into its direction. Just closer and as close as possible to the stage. My father simply followed. And so I wasn’t even standing that far from 2nd row. After it took a while til the concert started.

It was the big “European Stadium Tour”, of which there were not only books available then, but also a DVD. You even could see some of Zurich. And after the arena tour earlier in autum had been sold out already, this was my first Kelly Family concert, my first concert at all.
Back then Patricia was missing. There was the rumour that she was hit by a coffee machine. Back then not everyone really believe this, but since her biography we know it’s true. Before the concert started, the history of the Kelly Family was shown on the screens and while “Roses Of Red” was shown, everyone was swaying and swinging their arms to it. My father told later as he was so tired, with all the swinging and swaying he almost fell asleep. I still see Jimmy, how he was standing at the end of the catwalk singing and how Johnny came closer to my side, closer and closer. Only the fact to see him and the others so close, made me all excited. Songs like “Staying Alive”, “Key To My Heart”, “Roses Of Red”, “Ares Qui” or “Thunder” got played as well the hits like “An Angel” or “I Can’t Help Myself” of course.

Kathy & Paddy im Letzigrundstadion Zurich - aus meiner Fotosammlung © unbekannt
Kathy & Paddy at Letzigrund STadium Zurich – from my photo collection © unknown

Even I can’t remember that many details, I still remember the feelings: nervousness, fear, excitment, amazment, being awestruck. Fantastic experience! And as a little souvenir I even got an audio live recording of the concert. Back then Kelly fans did sneak in loads of technic gadgets and recorded complete concerts.

Have you been there and still remember? Tell about it 🙂

PS: In case someone got photos of the concert, I would be happy, if you contact me and I could get some copies.

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