Tobias Carshey at Mokka Thun

Tobias Carshey finally returned to the Thun region after his concerts at Mundwerk and at Cholererock in Hünibach three years ago. At a touching, funny and musically great concert, he presented his second album “Semicolon” together with his band.

Project Semicolon

Recently, someone said that the slightly abstract album art work of Tobias Carshey’s second album “Semicolon” looks a little strange in her opinion. But when I told her the meaning of the album title and its theme, she agreed with me that it fits.

The “semicolon” is related to the “Project Semicolon” and its tattoo trend. It should remind people who have survived a suicide attempt that their lives are going on. On the other hand, some get a semicolon tattooed in solidarity with the victims of mental illnesses. Tobias Carshey has even done a free tattoo campaign (see here and here) related to this.

It should serve as an impulse for talks to educate people about the subject. The musician himself has had experience with depression and would like to make a contribution to the movement with this album title.

A great band on his side

Their very first concert in the legendary Mokka started with the calm “Skin”, which from the beginning went straight under the skin with the longing harmonica sounds. There were solos by guitarist Giuliano Sulzberger not only on the  radio single “Kind-hearted men”, several others also by keyman Ramon Ziegler, bassist Oliver Werlen or drummer Nici Struchen were played during the evening. Yes, Tobias Carshey has put together a top band for his “Semicolon Tour”.

Difficult topics communicated with much ease and jokes

If they would have known that there would be a reggae party afterwards, they would have played everything off-beat, Tobi was laughing and announced the ballad part of the show with “The Party Is Over”. Between the songs like “Almond Eyes” or “I’m not dead yet” he loved to tell related stories and experiences. They even have a timer, because he always talks so much. If he talks for 15 minutes, he had to be driving home afterwards – and he always had to drive 😉 But one likes listening to him.

Among all the stories was the bizarre story about a woman from a medieval sect, for whom he even learned to write “bard songs”. But he also told about his time in the community service at a social work. You had to swallow when he mentioned “Christine”, who died of an overdose and he has dedicated a very detailed song to her on his current album.

Yes, these serious themes in his songs were communicated by Tobias Carshey with a lightness, a lot of jokes and some irony that made a nice balance. Supported by his deep, warm voice, the SRF3 Best Talent played wonderful songs and a top musical concert with his band. The energetic “Bye Bye”, from the last same named album as well as the current “Chemo Lullaby” or “Late Night Aftermath” were part of the setlist.

Departure with barriers

Because of a locked door, the departure between the last song and the encore was not quite as planned, but the concert ended all the more in memory with Bob Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released” and his “Kill the DJ”. Tobi and the band released an enthusiastic audience that would have listened to them a bit longer. Well, at the moment it’s just two albums. There will come the point he will be playing 3 hours concerts, Tobias said later. Well, I hope for the best and I’m looking forward to it already 🙂

By the way, Tobias Carshey will play his next concert in the Bernese Oberland in June at the Mittsommerfestival in Lenk. After discussing the festival during the concert, I hope they have a good satnav 😉

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