Tobias Carshey at Molton Festival

Originally I actually wanted to go and see the concert of Damian Lynn at Westside Bern. From Kid and Tobias Carshey played at Molton festival the same evening though. I would have forgotten about it, if a friend wouldn’t have reminded me. Both, From Kid and Tobias Carshey, I hadn’t seen and possibly wouldn’t see for a while. So I was off to Winterthur.

Unfortunately From Kid had to cancel because of illness. In 13 years Molton Festival this was only the 2nd time they had to reorganise at short notice. Well, gosh have I been grumpy. Health is absolutely important, of course I don’t blame anyone. And without voice a concert is knowingly working rather bad. But I simply was in the mood of “Put up there who you want. You can’t replace From Kid!”. At least Tobias Carshey was still there. So of course I went there for him. I believed that it would have been a double concert, but it showed that Tobias Carshey had “only” been meant to be support act. So Tobias Carshey got promoted to main act and replacement for From Kid. Okay, there was someone able to replace From Kid after all ^^

There was a new Support act instead. Dallan, a Winterthur singer accompanied on guitare by Giuliano Sulzberger, were there as a duo. They played in a small anteroom just next to the entrance hall. It was a very quite concert. There were some, who didn’t like her voice at all. All a question of taste and I didn’t think it was that bad, but generally I wasn’t that much interested either in listening to them long-term. Had to quite concentrate to not let my mind wander and stay with the concert. Couldn’t put a spell on me.

It was totally different with the main act then. After Dallan there was a short break, in which the audience changed to the actual concert hall ,where Tobias Carshey was playing. The stage was decorated with animals (umm, think it was a fox, badger and squirrel), an old bicycle, old birdcage and other things. Tobias played as a duo as well. He was accompanied by Ramon Ziegler on the keys – grand piano, reed piano, keyboards and various gadgets were available. Tobias was equipped by his many guitares and harmonica. He needed that many guitares so he didn’t have to tune them up all the time. It would take too much time. For a moment I was thinking that a complete band probably would have been better. But this was a detail. The two of them played a fabulous concert, what we actually hadn’t expected differently. Esp. I loved the songs accompanied by Ramon on the grand piano. They sounded just fantastic. Next to already known Songs as “The Party Is Over”, “Let’s Kill The Dj”, “You And Me” or of course “Bye Bye” they played some new songs, that probably will be found on a new album. Oh, I am already looking forward to it. They are all very personal, very thoughtful songs. But still there was a lot to laugh on this evening and they super entertained next to their music, with comments, discussions between each other and laughing fits inbetween the songs. The concert could have gone on forever.

But the concert was just finished  in time so I could catch the earlier train. At least I’ve been home two hours earlier this way than with the later one. So, the organizers of the Molton festival hadn’t needed to make such an effort to get another band. Tobias Carshey is more than enough. He’s definitively a fabulous replacement for everything and everyone!

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