Tomazobi and Open Season in Bern

For “interndation day of care” on 12 May 2015 SKB (Swiss professional institute for nurses) organized some events and celebrated with an award show, theater and concerts on Bundesplatz. That’s when there were free concerts of Tomazobi and Open Season, both Bernese Bands, that are in the music business for a long time already.

As usual there were many info and food stands on the Bundesplatz. Obviously the awards show was just on when I arrived, the whole thing seemed to have a delay of about 30mins. However the theater performances, or little scetches, only started. I am not sure what it was supposed to be and if it should have been funny. I really didn’t like it and didn’t think it was funny. I was glad, when Tomazobi finally got ready. I was looking forward to them. I’ve seen them already 2-3 times before, for the first time at Open-Sky-Festival in Huttwil several years ago.

Tomazobi call their genre “Bernese Trash troubadour” and sometimes steal knwon melodies to turn them into their own works with funny lyrics, not to take too serious. Since 2013 they are on tour with their actual album “Affehuus”. Yes, to date I liked them with every time, only on that evening I wasn’t so much into them. I am not so sure why. They played their Bohemian-Rapsody version and showed the audience their boygroup side. Didn’t really get me. Someone once said to me, the group simply has to stay on a small stage? It simply didn’t spark on this evening.

With Open Season it was different. The audience was first a bit reserved and kept watching from far at the beginning, but at the end of the show the very last was dancing along with Open Season and their impulsive beats, electrifing synthies, the reggea and dancehall. They made the Bundesplatz dance with their songs from the actual album “Boombay” as well many older titles – the same named “Boombay”, “You Look Good” or “Step By Step” were only a small part of the whole setlist. Each single member of the band was full of energy again on this evening. Additionally there was of course the colorful lightshow. My little video for their “You Look Good”-Video  was made there 😉

Even I wasn’t so much into the Tomazobi show, this was a really great start into the festival and openair summer. For more information about the bands visit and

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