Touch The Mountains 2017

“Trauffer is great, he know’s how to entertain!” the two young guys opposite of me in the train home praised them. “So you liked it?” I asked. “Very much!” they nodded. And yes, not only headliner Marc Trauffer and his band created on this first day of the year an incredible atmosphere. There’s nothing better than to start the new year at “Touch The Mountains” in Interlaken – even it’s so cold.

The paragliders were floating over Höhenmatte in the steel blue sky. The sun was shining warming into your face, whilst Nickless did kick off the 13th Touch The Mountains in the early afternoon. Would I haven’t been wrapped in so much, there could have been spring feelings. Since 2011 I’ve been in Interlaken annualy, execpt of last year. And yes, withouth Touch The Mountains something is just missing. Differently to last years, this time with Nickless, Dabu Fantastic, 77 Bombay Street and headliner Trauffer four instead of only three bands opened up the new year with about 30 000 visitors.



30‘000 people, a huge crowd: When police came by, I had the one or other though like “hopefully nothing is going ot happen”. But with all the excitment these thoughts were soon gone again. About 1 hour before show start already many tourists were strolling through the streets and the first concert visitors were on their way to the stage. The golden circle was popular and sold out already days before. The food and drink stalls were ready to the left and right, sometimes even in the middle of all, and the last preparations were done. Some stopped on the way to the concert area at the 2017 ice sculpture at Victoria Jungfrau Hotel to take some photos. Others gathered around the alpenhorn players a little further up the road. Later I also could hear the trychlen players. Yes tradition is as much a part of Touch The Mountains as the more modern sounds and beats of the performing bands.

My anticipation for the concerts were big: On the one side four bands, I’ve seen live more often already and the programme was totally made for me. On the other side me and my camera could be part of it in the very front, in the press pit. You probably remember, that last summer at Lakeland Festival in Erlach I made my first experiences in this area. It was loads of fun, but concentration on the concert is of course totally different than when you are standing in the middle of the audience with a small pocket camera, or even only with your phone. I really had to concentrate to keep all these impressions in my mind too and not only on camera.


After 2 pm it started: Nickless were dressed this time a little warmer than two weeks ago during their Jeder Rappen zählt concert. The shooting stars made a good start: with his laid-back, cheerful nature front guy Nic electrifies with his pop songs young and old. About one year ago they had landed their first hit with “Waiting”, you sure know it. Did you know that front guy Nicola played drums? Yes, if on a real drum kid or on his invisible drums, he proofed his beatboxing skills on, the young guy is talented. With songs as “Princess” or “Pure Heart” he’s letting woman’s hearts beating faster quickly. Besides guitare player Franky’s Coldplay solo is just awesome.

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Dabu Fantastic

Golden circle kept getting more crowded and also around it numerous spectactors already had found their spots. After a short stage change it went on energeticly with Dabu Fantastic: Pow, they started with “Autobahn” and then blow for blow they continued. “Nomal vo vonr, nomal vo Afang a” (starting over again, again from the beginning) – it wouldn’t match better on the first day. Dabu Fantastic didn’t only make the audience dance with their songs, but front guy Dabu was climbing soon over the barriers and was dancing along even over the next. There was even time for some selfies with the fans. And at least the young front row was laughing about the new “BSB2017 dab moves” by DJ Arts. Next to great sounds the band brought the best resolution for the new year „Lieber uhuere hässlich, als uhuere dumm!“ (better to be super ugly than super dumb!”. Just to be nice to each other.

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77 Bombay Street

During the next change esp. swinging king Mättu Glarner should be nice to 77 Bombay Street fron guy Matt: “Take care of him” the presenter warned the sportsman during a short interview, before the two of them got ready for a short swinging sequence. “He still got to performe afterwars!” One lift, short wave to the audience and the musician was lying flat. There had to be a revenge, that was won by the lightweight somethow. Well, something like that anyway. Hihi. The guys proofed good humour and Matt could play the concert with his three brothers undamaged.

It was the third time for 77 Bombay Streed being part at Touch The Mountains. The audience got to know the lyrics over the years. Titles as “47 Millionairs” or “Seven Mountains” as well as “Up in the sky” of course everyone knows. AFter the first hits Matt made the same as Dabu Fantastic front guy before and paid a visit to the audience during “Long Way”. Whilst Simir and Joe were sitting on stage, the latter accompained him on the ukulele, Esra was joining the audience down at the barrier waiting for his cues. As it was getting a lot colder, Simri made sure with his exercises during “Lady GAga” that the audience stayed warm. Yes, and everyone was waiting impatientely on the sky world championship song “Empire”. But they had to be patient til shortly before the end.

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Eventually the cow bells were rigning and everyone was jodeling all across Höhenmatte. Neither Trauffer was  guest in Interlaken for the first time on this evening. And this time he wasn’t only headliner but clear favourit for many visitors. After a incredibly successful year, with sold out concerts as well as gold and platin awards, the band ended their Heiterefahne tour. By the way it wasn’t only the last tour concert for Trauffer but also the last concert with accordeon player Julian. He’s having won plans  for the future.

Marc took once more some snuff with the fans in front rwo and proofed to a young guy from the audience that clothes make the man. He let him put on his jacket in front of the 30’000 pairs of eyes and them cheer for him. His girlfriend, who’s been watching in the audience, is called Angelina by the way – but I think, Dabu Fantastic had been gone already. But possibly Dabu Fantastic know hear already anyway?!

Whilst jaming not only the “broccoli hair” of drummer Christian was shaken a lot, but during “Donner” (AC/DC thuner cover) the barriers were trembling a lot through the enthudiasm of the audience. And also the little girl singing with Trauffer “Müeh mit de Chüeh” was thrilling and impressing a lot with knowning the lyrics and good confidence. And the choreography of “Dr Gipfel” was danced along far into the back. So of course the encore could be missed. The communication between Trauffer and “Frl Marty” was during the last encore a little one sided as she understood him, but he not her, but it was still a really great final party.

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After a short delay cos of a technical problem, caused through the coldness, at the end the pyromusical “Pure Adrenaline” finally started –  a huge firework display accompaigned by music hits since the 60s. A little frozen, but in a great mood and happy about a fantastic concert day, I was off home after. On the skating rink, the “Ice Magic”, was a lot of activity and sure the other two after parties had started already, but I was more for a hot chocolate in the warm living room.

I was wondering already in the train, what acts might be performing next year. Maybe Pegasus will be there again. Their new album actually should be released by then. I though also hope for bands, that haven’t been at Touch The Mountains before. Who would you love to see?

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