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Das Zelt was shining bright into the night in the middle of the village. The merchandise table was standing ready in the foyer – wooden cows and dogs, t-shirts, flags, lighters, bottle openers, carved fan boxes – and next to all kinds of things for big and small, ouf course there was the new Trauffer album  „Heiterefahne“. You should have been there last Saturday in Lenk!

The first were running immediately towards the barriers after doors opened, to secure the front. Something like that you got to experience closely. Already the third year in a row Trauffer was playing last weekend at das Zelt in Lenk, therefor the second album release party. Das Zelt is really a great event. The atmosphere was always very nice at each show so far, and with Trauffer anyway. The way it was on this evening, I hadn’t expected though.

More impatient than patient the mixed audience waited for concert start. Woman, men, children – everyone likes Trauffer. The tent kept getting more crowded and suddendly the announcement was made: “Please everyone move closer together, there are more people wanting to get into the tent!”. Already days before it was sold out, as well as most of the other shows of the upcoming Trauffer spring tour. With 2’000 visitors on this evening it became at least in the front rows quite tight. But maybe I just got this impression, because the night before it wasn’t that crowded with 77 Bombay Street.

Christian Tschanz
Christian Tschanz

Christian Tschanz played accompaigned by guitare player Andreas Sigirist as a short support three songs ahead. To get the audience a bit into the mood. Three very nice songs in Swiss German and French. The performance was way too short though, to get a proper impression. And the people simply only wanted Trauffer. Too much excitment, too much gaggling.

After 9 pm the lights went off. Trychels sounded. Julian von Flüe, the new accordeon player of the band, entered the stage with two big cow bells. The band and singer Monika Schär followed. She announced the Alpentainer, Marc, and with “Trauffer isch zrugg” (Trauffer is back) they started. The new album is somehow more rocky than its antecessor. There are new, catchy melodies and funny lyrics as well as wonderful ballades on it. And the band presented this on this evening to the audience. Great dialect rock with folklike influences, people can identy themselves with and feel connected. ABsolutley best entertainment! The band made an one year concert break, what didn’t seem like. The vibes were incredible from the very first moment on, very frenetically. Like they never would have been away. The tent was almost trembling, it got rocked properly.

And probably only possible with Trauffer: Already during “Sennesinger” snuff was taken out. Everyone was yodelling loudly – whether you knew how or not. Everyone was dancing “Zumba” and was swaying along to “Müeh mit de Chüeh” (Trouble with the cows) with the neighbours on the left and right. And how we laught: Marc and Moni tried ‘Talerschwingen”, then they told with the help of various Swiss hits (e.g. “Hippie Bus” and “Ewigi Liebi”) how it continued with the girl from Chateaux-d’Oex in “Westschweiz”. Marc revealed to a man from the audience, that actually only his jaket was the reason that everyone thaught he was great. Of course it was directly demonstraded on him.

The traditional, usually rather old fashioned “Stubete” didn’t only get modernized through a new, upbeat version of “Schacher Seppli”, but with “I wott wieder hei” and Swiss versions of hits as “Auf uns” by Andreas Bourani, “S.O.B.” of Nathaniel Rateliff as well as “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. Yes, imagine: There I got a mail before the concert, that the Bourani concert on upcoming Monday (so today) because of illness got cancelled and then they play “Auf uns” – I thought I’d get a heart attack, would faint or something like that. I thought it was so cool. Ha! The band was really busy and creative in their break.

So that everyone could calm down a bit – well, or at least Marc got a sit-down – it became more quite and romantic. The stack of wood in the back oft he stage turned out tob e a piano. Marc was practicing for it all summer for it. He seemed quite nervous. „Can you be quite for a moment? I believe you actually cant?! – In the quite, darkened tent he played and sang first on his own and after in duo with Monika Schär. Both titles accompaigned by himself on piano. Really, really beautiful! Of course songs like „Brienzer Buurli“, „Brienzersee“, „Nid min Typ“ or obviously the favourite of the audience – „zjung für mi“ – couldn’t be missed during the concert either. Overall a really great setlist.

Before the concert slowely came to an end, there was a proper album baptism and esp. more than one surprise. The little, cute Saint Bernhard from the new album cover, Dana, isn’t so little anymore (but still cute, and how!) joined with her schnapps keg fort he baptism. And hasn’t it been enough that „Heiterefahne“ entered the album charts on No 1 the week before, he got gold from Sony Switzerland manager Julie born. Special is: „Heiterefahne“ reached gold state (over 10‘000 sold albums) already within 4 days after release. Barley anyone made this before, if at all. And they hadn’t told Marc until this very moment.

So of course there was another party, among otherrs with „Frl. Marty“, and of course a Mdm Marty even could be found in the audience then. They could have played another ton of encourse, the audience was insatiable. But even the nicest evening got to find an end. And incredible, versatile and varied concert finished after about 2 hours. But instead the party continued with the DJ, and Trauffer probably was writing autographs for at least 1 hour. Yes, Heiterefahne, Trauffer is definitvely back!

Hey, and don’t worry! Even the upcoming concerts are sold out and you might not have a ticket for them – the year only started! They promised many more concerts. On or facebook you can stay up to date.

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Youtube-Playlist : Christian Tschanz
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