Tzatziki Pashas aka Lo & Leduc in Liebefeld

Imagine, you want to go see Tzatziki Pashas, but then Lo & Leduc are sitting there… no, just kidding of course! Lo & Leduc played a small surprise concert in Liebefeld Bern and mask it with a different name. Why I knew about? Because they did announce it themselves on facebook and the description was very clear…

At Liebefeld Park, a bit outside from Bern’s city centre, a small bar was standing at a mini lake, in which the fishes are bigger than the ducks. Comfortably you could sit there, have a drink, the food looked super delicious – just enjoying a nice summer evening. And with it experiencing for once a bit a different Lo & Leduc concert. “Musik im Park” is the small event named, that is obviously taking part every now and then. So on this evening the band had put up a small set and the two of them played with guitarist Jonas, keyboarder Lukas and singer Julia an about 1,5 hours concert – in a good mood, in cozy and relaxed atmosphere. They tried a little bit of comedy and got out all the old titles too. The audience came numerous, a bit a different one than I am used to see at their concerts.

All the songs from the actual album “Zucker fürs Volk” were on the setlist, they keept peeking on obviously: “All die Büecher”, “Blaui Peperoni”, “Bini Bi Dir” or “Streifgänger” have been played, which the majority must know. But they also got the old ones from their Update albums out (you can get them still on their website for free), about esp. the longtime fans were happy about. For their improvisation, for which Lo keeps getting words from the audience and then texting spontaniously, they used Manilio’s Hit “Monbijou”. He by the way had a listen to it personally from the audience too.

At the end there was a democratic vote over “Jung verdammt”. The band first didn’t want to play it, but the majority really wanted to listen to it though. In the end obviously everyone had big fun with this version, audience and band. So a totally successful and unique evening ended. Though, not exactly. The whole encore procedure they just had skipped from the beginning. They didn’t have any backstage to back out and didn’t rally want to go swimming. But because the audience still wanted to hear a very last title, they played still one last one after a short discussion. One they didn’t know anymore how they stated it. The improvisation geniuses released with it a very thrilled audience into the night though.


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