Undiscovered Soul in the streets of Bern

I definitively should stop goint to concerts during the week. This simply does always end with various detours on my way home. Not going into details now, but following my blog you may guess what happened… 😉

So, last Thursday I was on my way home, when I crossed path with Undiscovered Soul . Actually, I needed to finish packing for my Berlin trip the next day, but it had to wait 😉 Because they were on the way for busking in Bern, playing street music, and so I simply went with them.

Quickly texted my friend, if she was coming too. And later some more known faces appeared in the audience. In front of the H&M in Marktgasse was the first stop and as soon as they started playing, a bigger audience gathered around them. It’s just always loads of fun, how well the band goes down. Not that I’d expect anything else, but it makes you proud, if you know what I mean. During “Tandem” and “Rund Baby Run” some people even sang along. The six of them are maybe a bit chaotic off stage, but when they play… beautiful, harmonic and even in accoustic the band rocks. Who’ve seen them before, knows what I am talking about. I could always listen for hours.

During the second stop, in front of confectioner Läderach (ex Merkur), a dancing group from Chile joined, who borrowed their amp to show their dance. We got free Chilean coffee then. The dancing group was on tour with a nice philosophy: No matter how many problems you got or how difficult something was, you should always make something good out of it and find something nice in it. And that’s what they want to express with their dancing.

At the last stop the whole squre at Loeb corner was totally crowded after shop closing time and you could see the happiness in the listeners faces. Highlight of the evening? The Wannabe-boygroup-choreo the souls did for “Nowhere Man”. How we laught 😀 Unfortunately the battery of my phone was dead. I would have loved to show you. And also otherwise they specially worked flat out once more. One lady immediately bought the actual EP (“Purple”) of the Souls after they had finished and explained to me, that every time she was sad, she was listening to music. She was going home to immediately listen to the CD. Yes, I could well understand her. I keep doing so too.

Yes, next time you should also come, if the Souls go busking again. It’s always fun again! 🙂

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