We Invented Paris and The Souls in Buchs

It had all started with a small accident. Last December The Souls have been in the glass box at JRZ on Monday morning. They have raised money during the weekend with a concert marathon and brought it to Lucerne. Thanks to a previous remark from bandmate Michi and urges from SRF3, after their interview and performance frontman Jay finally jumped into the icy Lake Lucerne for a donation. A quick lark on which Jay injured his foot. SRF3 was so sorry and with the help of an anonymous donor started an appeal as an apology:

If the concert on Saturday, 13.01.2018 at Fabriggli Buchs SG will be sold out, the anonymous donor will donate CHF 200'000 to  Jeder Rappen zählt.

[Watch the JRZ report here]

I then reserved my ticket to be on the safe side.

Almost endless journey

Of course the double concert of The Souls with We Invented Paris at Fabriggli Buchs had been known for a long time. The plan to go was there already, even the journey was forever long: With public transport 3.5 hours outward and in the late hours back  even 4.5 hours. To perhaps imagine it even better: The Fabriggli in Buchs SG is just about a 15min drive from Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Um, I wasn’t aware of that until I was there 😉 (That cries, however, after a day trip to Liechtenstein 😉 Why I have never thought about it before?)

The concerts of The Souls are rather rare at the beginning of this year. But most of all, We Invented Paris were the reason not to think about going somewhere closer to see a The Souls concert.  I had not seen We Invented Paris in like forever.

The concert location

The Fabriggli is a small theater with auditorium and multipurpose room in Buchs, Canton SG. In the foyer a small bistro is operated. The multipurpose room has a capacity of around 350 people. The first impression was cozy and relaxed, no wild party place.

The concerts

And suddendly he was on his own

“The piano in the corner will definitely not be needed today?” my colleague was wondering shortly before the concert started, when We Invented Paris frontman Flavian started the concert with an extensive piano-intro exactly at the one in the middle of the audience.

Originally it was planned that The Souls started the evening. But as you could read on Friday, some things had changed with We Invented Paris towards the end of year. Bruce and Steff had left the band and so frontman Flavian is currently touring alone. Not only did they change the performance times this evening, but Flavian had to change other things too.

Actually, unlike the first two albums, the new We Invented Paris album “Catastrophe” is much more electronic and very 80s tinged. Flavian had just had enough of the acoustic guitar and wanted to try something new. Despite that he is now solo on the road and had to change a lot in the program, the appearance was anything but a catastrophe.

With piano and acoustic guitar, loop station or even the Indian instrument, with he played “Requiem” in the middle of the audience, the concert was reduced and calmer. For a band not great if the majority leaves, I however was happy that this way not so much electronics were used. Like he played “Looking Back”, different to the album, just on guitar.

For “Superlove”  or “Spiderman” he used his keytar. A still well-preserved instrument from 1987, perfectly between “super embarrassing” and “super cool”. Exactly this instrument gives the new We Invented Paris sound its 80s touch. From time to time Flavian also used his “band out of the box” and played some backing sounds on the laptop.

Magic moments

It was a very touching and personal concert with several really magical moments. Flavian told that just the end of last year was not easy for him. On the one hand, his bandmates decided to leave and on the other hand he was forced to search a new home for him and his family. What proved not easy in Liestal.

However, he is well aware that he complains at a fairly high level and has put this in a new song. He spontaneously sang it with the Souls on the piano. That was pure goose bumps! [video here] Can’t you record the song right away?

JRZ donation target achieved

After a short changing break it was announced that the concert was sold out to about two dozen tickets. The Souls then officially handed over the anonymous donation of CHF 200,000. But you know, the donor actually had it confirmed to Jeder Rappen zählt last December anyway. But as it turned out, a large part of the audience had actually become aware of the concert by the SRF3 appeal. So, the goal was definitely reached.

With a lot of energy and the best mood

Jay’s foot had healed in time for the concert and also the band’s one-month concert break obviously did do them well. What a great and energetic concert that was! Not only did they say that they missed performing, you could also see it.

The Souls played  the concert with the same setlist as the last few times, starting with the new, still untitled song and continuing with the single “Move On”. Mistakes they took with humor and also otherwise the band seemed to be in a good mood and in full swing.

While some of the band members enjoy the winter very much, the others are really looking forward to the summer and with “Fighting In The Moonlight” they brought some summery sounds and warmth into the hall. “Gimme Something Good”, “Stay” and also the theremin solo were not missing.

For “Tandem” the band then presented themselves with two acoustic guitars, and as the Flavian had done before, also in the middle of the audience. Multi-voiced, wonderfully harmonious, simply beautiful!

The long drive has once again paid off

Since Jay presented the band in detail right before the encore, unfortunately it was not enough time for me to hear all the songs. But despite the fact that the long journey was a bit of a hassle, it had once again paid off. There were two wonderful concerts, a really great evening. Only, next time maybe I’ll look more closely for a hotel 😉


Information about the location, the two bands and the next concert dates you can find here:



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