Who’s seeing Hecht first


My fave favourite fishes. These five you should really know. Okay, the band actually doesn’t exist yet that long, not in this form anyway, and I cound myself lucky, I discovered them – thanks to Baschi – this early.

Hecht & ich

Stefan Buck, Rolf Furrer, Christoph Schröter, Philipp Morscher und Daniel Gisler were performing as a support act of Baschi at Kofmehl Solothurn on 16.11.2011. And to top it even the following January in Zurich and Prattlen with 77 Bombay Street. Maybe youv’e seen their video “Tanze Tanze” from the Z7 already? (Video: HERE) Indie-Pop in dialect. Back then you only could buy their EP “Revier Songs”. About 5 months later, directly for my birthday, the same songs plus many more made it on their debut album “Wer zerscht zMeer gseht”. (Who’s seeing the sea first) “See springe” is definitively one of my favourites. Driving along the lake by bike on a summer morning and this song in the ears – the mood is immediately raising. And even in the middle of the winter summer feelings are coming up. Esp. if you watch its video (Video: HERE). If I am driving into direction of Hallenstadion Zurich, the stop “Beckehof” reminds me of them. During “Italia” you simply want to see the sea and during “Tanze Tanze” or “Tänzer” you just can’t keep sitting still. Each song of the album raises a smile and is fun to listen to. Who’s been at any concert of Hecht knows, that there’s probably no better intro than theirs. Their concerts spread energy and electrify. I haven’t seen any show by them yet, where people weren’t totally thrilled after. And I haven’t been just to one show 😉 Swiss Music Award as “Best Talent”, that they won this year, is definitively well deserved.

Stefan Buck Rolf Furrer Philipp Morscher Daniel Gisler Christoph Schröter


They came, saw and conquered. And isn’t there “the end of the world” any time soon, then I definitively can’t wait for the new album that we probably might play soon (2014) in our CD players. “Huus uf Sand” is already a great foretaste.

Official Website: HERE
Hecht on itunes: HERE
Hecht on YouTube: HERE

My live videos of  Hecht: HERE

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