Myron in Zurich

Datum: 06.02.2014
Event: Butterfly-Tour
Place: Escherwyss-Club Zurich
Time: 20.00 Uhr
Support Act: Neverage

MYRON are back! After a two years break back on tour again with their new album “Butterfly” through whole Switzerland. And after I overcame the shock of an almost empty location, I wondered, where all the people came from. Would have been totally incomprehensible, if Myron would have played in an empty hall.

Thanks to Seat Music I could go to see Myron, had won tickets form them. Off to Zurich then. On the page of Escherwyss-Club it said start would be at 7pm. Umm, this early? Then I’d miss the support act – on the otherside I’d still be in time for Myron and if the whole thing would end by 10 pm, it would be perfect to catch trains and busses. So, Zurich then.

I am so often in Zurich. I’ve been to so many locations and still I am running through the city rather unoriented (long live the iPhone with SBB app and satnav). I found the club, was slightly stressed though. I thought, I’d be late and five to ten minutes before show start it would be possible not to easy to simply get to the front. But ah well, we are in Switzerland. I’ve been a bit shocked to see only a few ones standing in front of the stage and the club seemed quite empty. Very much in time at 8pm three young guys went up on stage. So the support act hadn’t played yet after all. Neverage, a pop/rock-band from Basel played unplugged this evening, and instead of five only three of them. They are fabulous I was told before the show and yes, the singer got an incredible good voice, they definitively sounded super. They played about three songs bevor the stage got already set up for Myron.

At around quite exactly 8.30 pm the intro started and the first tunes of “Every little” sounded. “Oh no”, was about my first thought then and was kinda disappointed for the moment. I don’t like if favourite songs are played right at the beginning. But this became very soon a negligibility. It was definitively super to hear Manu sing with proper music again and not with the Boom-boom and jumping around at Remady. “Back To You”, “I am ready”, “One step closer” and “I don’t care” have been part of the setlist. Catchy, but intoxicating, rocking and then calm again, great to sing along and during 1,5 hours to switch off and drift away. I definitively still like the pop/rock band from Basel as much as I’ve seen them live the last time.

Leadsinger Manu kept joking and talking to the audience during the whole concert. He asked to to sway arms, clapping along, holding up lighters and jumped off stage to directly talk to individual people – “Have you found a parking lot? – me neither” – or to sit down and sing with them. He knows how to entertain and obviously likes to joke around with the front row. I also unexpectatly had his micro suddendly in my face, singing along wasn’t possible in this moment. When they began “Butterfly” around the middle of the concert and I realized that I unintentionally put on my top with the butterflies in the morning, it felt indeed kinda magical. With some solos of each instruments all the musician got introduced during the show. The audience wouldn’t let the band go without getting them back with a rapturous applause and so the concert endet with “If it ends” and “Say you want me”.

A wonderful evening. Theoretically the concert could have last much longer. With already 4 albums released, it would have been possible. Practically I didn’t miss anything this way, could enjoy the whole concert and still caught my train in time and without stress. I am already all twitchy to see Myron soon again.

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